Interviews with Cameron Daddo and Marina Prior from The Sound of Music


I always feel honoured and privileged to be able to attend the media calls of any musical – and this one was no different. Here are some interesting quotes from the group interviews. I’m splitting this up, because there’s just so much text to go through! You can also see more The Sound of Music related things as seen on this blog. More to come!


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CAMERON DaddoCaptain Georg Von Trapp

Cameron on researching for the role
“Firstly, I wanted to understand who he was because obviously The Von Trapp family are real … and it is based on a true story. I wanted to know who the Captain was up to the point where we meet him in The Sound of Music. He wrote an autobiography. It’s really an account of his time at sea in the first World War, and it takes it up to the point where for the flag was lowered for the last time in his submarine. It’s quite moving.”

Cameronon the properties of edelweiss
“I sing this beautiful song Edelweiss. It turns out, the essence of edelweiss is to ward off evil spirits. So, here’s this moment where the Captain sings in front of a Nazi audience about edelweiss and Austria, he’s warding off these evil spirits. It’s also, if an Austrian man gave his object of desire a bouquet of edelweiss she knows that he’s climbed to the top of the mountain because it only grows in the rocks in the top of the Alps. So, edelweiss, it’s a big commitment. When I discovered that, standing up there every night, I think that’s brilliant. It just adds another dimension to what we’re doing up here.”

Cameronon the transformation of his character
“Love will do that. I think, he was that. He understands his place in life where he’s a captain, as a leader of men, in war situations. He knows how to be that way. At the beginning of the play, it picks off where he’s lost his wife, he’s lost his ship, he’s lost his command. The navy is gone. The Austrian/Hungarian navy’s no longer there. He’s looking for a place in life.

The only way to do it is to button down. And, ‘how do I navigate my way through this?’ Well, I’ll treat my kids like a submarine crew, and I’ll disappear, because looking at them, I’m reminded by  this women I love who’s no longer here anymore. It’s through music and this gorgeous soul of Maria that comes and melts the ice berg. It’s beautiful every night.”

Cameronon why he loves the role
“There’s not many roles that I’ve taken on where I’ve actually wanted to be that guy – and that’s what’s taken me into the world of Captain Von Trapp. His discernment, his integrity, his willingness to follow his heart – I mean that’s a big thing to do in any era when you’re really in the face of great obstacles telling you, ‘no, take an easy route’, and you’re going, ‘no, this is how I feel’. So, I guess, when you’re on your death bed you go, ‘I’m here and I followed what I wanted to do.’ I do the research really just so I know, when I’m in a moment and doing it, it becomes part of you. There’s no acting required really. (laughs)”

Cameronon his love of musicals
“Musicals are a great form of telling a story, because, I mean, you’ve got the dialogue, but it’s when dialogue no longer works, the only way I can express this is I have to sing it. It’s such a wonderful medium.”

Cameronon working with the children
“Being a father, and being away from my children, it’s difficult. And some days it’s easier and some nights it’s really hard. I respect these kids a great deal, so that always takes me to a ‘wow’; a deep emotional moment. The moment where the Captain realises that he actually loves Maria, and we sing Something Good, again, another very truthful, lovely moment. It takes me to a very deep place, playing the Captain, and it’s such a privilege and it’s an honour and a gift that I am so grateful for. I give thanks every moment.”

Cameronon his real life children being musical
“I won’t tell you what (but) my little one, she changed the words to Edelweiss one day. She goes, ‘you can do that, Dad’, and I said, ‘I’d do it once then I’d get the boot!’ (laughs) So I won’t be going into that. But, they love their music and we love playing together.”

Cameronon returning home to Australia
“My wife and children and in the States at the moment, and, when I’m done with The Sound of Music in October, I will be going back there, and packing everything up. Actually the kids are moving to Australia (as) they’ve never lived here. We just felt like it was time after 25 years to give them a taste of Australia while they’re still young enough. There’s some great really great opportunities for me work wise and also for my wife too, so we’re really excited.”


MARINA PriorBaroness Schraeder

Marina on being in the show
“The word ‘iconic’ is being thrown around a bit today but it’s really the appropriate word for this show. For somebody that has inhabited musical theatre for so long, it’s a dream to be able to be a part of this production. It’s an absolute joy, and I get to really enjoy it, but I’m not running around singing every song. It’s quite relaxing. (laughs)”

Marina on her character
“I really like that’s shes a very interesting character. As I said, she’s very different in the play to the film. She’s a bit more 3 dimensional – she’s a very hedonistic, glamorous pragmatic, very modern, woman who knows how to bow out very gracefully. I think I’d like to be her friend if she was a real person. I really like her. She’s good times.”

Marina on her character not getting the guy in the end
“No, she finishes up with no one. And she gets dumped for a beautiful young nun! I mean, who plays the guitar and sings, and is great with children – what hope have I got?! (laughs)”

Marina on how this production differs from previous productions
“It’s very cleverly re-imagined for the 21st century, even though it’s maintained the beautiful period feel, I think that it’s a fresh look at it. That is enhanced by our Amy Lehpamer, who is our Maria – who is just so gorgeous and so intelligent in the way that she plays the role. And we have extraordinary kids! Our children are phenomenal. I think it’s a very intelligent production. I love it. I’m very very honoured to be part of it.”

Marina on her favourite songs from the musical
“My favourites songs are the ones that are not my songs, because my songs aren’t in the movie. I think probably The Lonely Goat and 16, Going On 17 are the ones I find myself singing at 2 o’clock in the morning, much to the distress of my husband. (laughs)”

Marina on her love for the film musical
“I actually fell in love with it more once I had children of my own, because my family and I have sat down to watch it on a Sunday afternoon about 35 times. I love it! And I do think that the Baroness is rather misrepresented in the film. I think she’s actually quite a nice lady.”

Marina on being home in Melbourne
“It’s divine, and (The Regent Theatre) is one of my favourite theatres – it’s so beautiful! Melbourne really is the home of great theatre, and great theatres, and great coffee – so it’s just so fantastic to be here and be doing this. It’s a joy.”



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