An Interview with Simply Bushed

Paul Grierson and Chris Rieger form the duo, Simply Bushed. Their songs are powerful and emotive, and their dance nights are as famous as their epic performances themselves. Having released Raise Your Glass on Remembrance Day last year; the single, as well as their EP Military Issues, is a tribute to those who serve and the emotive significance of ANZAC Day. Having played for Australian and allied troops in the Sinai and Solomon Islands, and both with military ties in their families – it’s an issue that remains close to their hearts and inspired the release.

Raise Your Glass has been gaining in notoriety and accolades, with two award wins in the bag (ANZAC Song of the Year at the Tamworth Songwriters’ Association Awards and Ballad – Song of the Year in the Songs Alive! Australia – Song Comp) and a nomination for CMC Video of the Year; what can you tell me about the song?

Chris: It is definitely a tribute. All the songs we do as Simply Bushed are originals we write together, and this one was brought to the table by Pauly. You could hear, from the concept inception, that it was going to be one of those real, emotive songs. It’s about the colloquial Australian “Raise Your Glass” – that sign of respect that we have. It doesn’t matter what sort of glass you’re holding or what you’re drinking; it means, when you raise that glass, it’s almost like a handshake, a curtsy or a bow. It’s a way of showing respect and that’s what’s so strong about the song.

Paul: Both Chris and I have fairly strong opinions and connections to the military, so we wanted to make it an ANZAC tribute. Because of our experiences going to the Middle East and the Solomons, the message is to make sure we remember we’ve still got soldiers deployed around various parts of the world. Sometimes we don’t even know where they are, yet they’re still away from their families and coming back with that same battle for themselves. We’ve tried to keep that focus as well.

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An Interview with Hurricane Fall

Hurricane Fall is an Australian four-piece country rock band, comprising of Jesse Vee on lead vocals and guitar, Pepper Deroy on lead vocals and bass, Jimmy Hick on lead guitar and Lachlan ‘Dusty’ Coffey on skins and percussion. I spoke to Jesse, Pepper and Dusty about the band and its future.

“All of us were friends before hand, and once we started writing together we clicked really well so that’s what bonded us together a bit more,” Jesse says. “Traveling and playing gigs has kept us together. We still have fun hanging out, so that’s really good.”

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An Interview with Lee Kernaghan

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In 1992, Lee Kernaghan released the Outback Club, which not only won ‘Best Country Album’ at the ARIA Music Awards and ‘Album of the Year’ at the Golden Guitar Awards, but also made him a household name. With 25 years in the industry, Lee has sold over two million album sales, 34 number one hits and 36 Golden Guitars to his name. Currently on his biggest and most exciting tour yet; I spoke to Lee about celebrating this iconic milestone.

You kicked off your massive 31+-date Boys From the Bush – 25th Anniversary Tour at the Tamworth Country Music Festival in January with the Wolfe Brothers. How was that show?

It was epic! The Wolfe Brothers truly are the hottest in the land. They are brilliant musicians, songwriters and artists [of] international calibre, as good as any outfitting in the world, I reckon. There’s a whole lot of history behind those boys. They often joke about those times they were in the mosh pit at the Wrest Point Casino, watching the Lee Kernaghan show (laughs). Now they’re in the band, making their own albums, touring America and with a career of their own. Those boys have paid serious musical dues and done countless shows to get to where they are today. They have a wide knowledge of music – not just country music, but all genres of music – and I think that’s part of the magic of the Wolfe Brothers.

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An Interview with Adam Brand

Adam Brand’s careers spans close to 20 years, with multiple ARIA Award nominations, Golden Guitar wins and half a million CD and DVD sales, he’s one of Australia’s most successful and highly respected singer-songwriters. His recent feel good release pushes the boundaries in the country music genre, touching on elements of pop and rock, and encouraging people to Get On Your Feet.

The new album Get On Your Feet has been out for about a week now. What’s the response been like?

It started with a few people [saying], “it’s a bit poppy” but it seems to have all been turned around. Maybe people are surprised by the new sound, I don’t know, but it’s been overwhelming. A lot of good vibes out there; people enjoying the new sounds.

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