An Interview with Natalie Pearson

Natalie Pearson has been making a name for herself in the country music scene. Her album Long Time Running, released early last year, debuted at #2 on the Australian Country iTunes Chart and received the award for Best Country in the 2016 MusicOz Australian Independent Music Awards.

Congratulations on the success you’ve had with your album, Long Time Running. I was listening to it this morning and I couldn’t help but notice it has strong themes of love and romanticism. Was that an intentional decision you made before you began recording or merely a lucky coincidence?

I didn’t write all [the songs] at the same time; they were [written] over a really long space of time. So that’s what I was going through over a space of a few years. It was up and down. That turmoil and then the exciting love thing, and finding the wrong guy. It wasn’t a decision that I made to make them all about love, that’s what I was going through.

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An Interview with Paddy McHugh

Brisbane-based Paddy McHugh‘s music and songwriting is raw, honest and authentic. His latest album City Bound Trains, depicts tales of a life in Australia and touches on many topics of interest – indigenous culture, same-sex marriage, equality and more.

You toured and released your second album, City Bound Trains back in October. What was the response like to those shows?

Fantastic! It was good to get out with a full band; I hadn’t done that in quite awhile. We had a great response to the shows particularly as the album had a bit more time to be heard, get out there and get a bit of love. It sort of grew and by the end of it, we finished up here in Brisbane, which is my hometown, we had a fantastic show. It was really great to be on the road and with a full band.

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An Interview with Rachael Leahcar

It’s been five years since Rachael Leahcar made the Top 3 on The Voice, alongside her mentor Delta Goodrem. The Adelaide born singer and songwriter, released her latest album Shadows earlier this year, showcasing a more mature sound with heavier lyrics, and is about to hit the road on the tour of the same name.

Rachael you’re about to tour Shadows around in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth. How are the rehearsals coming along?

I’m very excited; it’s been a lot of planning, coming together finally. The band’s incredible! They’re very talented people! They learnt the songs pretty much straight away. They’re amazing! This is the first time I’ve toured since 2013, so I wanted to get out there, test the waters and do the main cities, but [I] definitely have plans to go a bit further next time [and] maybe do some more rural places.

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