REVIEW: Legends In Concert

Tribute acts have always had a bit of a stigma attached to them by some members of the public. While tribute artists make up a huge sub-section of the music industry, there are still some audiences who refuse to see a tribute show, as if attending a concert by such a performer is to somehow besmirch the reputation of the real artist they’re honouring.

If I was ever tempted to think that way, that all changed for me when I attended a Guns N Roses tribute show that was actually more accomplished, polished and entertaining than when I saw the real Guns N Roses recently in concert. Tribute acts succeed I believe because they capture the magic of artists at their absolute peak.

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An Interview with John Williamson

“True Blue” Australian country music legend, John Williamson has never been shy to voice his opinions on topical issues. His two latest singles are no exception or void of controversy: “Pigs On The River” expresses his anger towards irrigators on the Murray-Darling River and “Love Is The Word” about hatred in the world.

Back in October you performed on Crusin’ Country No7: Family Reunion – a specialised cruise perfect for country music fans and music fans alike. How did you find the whole experience?

It’s a lot of fun because it’s the one time a whole lot of country musicians and excellent players too, get together. At the end of the day, when there’s a bar open to anybody who wants to jump up and play, that’s a lot of fun. I only had to work my own show on one day so the rest of it was having a good time with some friends.

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An Interview with Ben Portsmouth

In 2012, Ben Portsmouth won the Elvis Presley Enterprises ‘Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest’, the only artist from outside the USA to ever win this prestigious title since its inception in 2007. The English multi-talented musician, singer and songwriter will bring his World Tour to Australia in January next year.

You’re bringing your show to Australia in January. What can audiences expect from your upcoming tour?

I’m going to do everything Elvis over his career. I start off doing the Sun Studios [his recordings from between 1953 and 1955] where he started out, the movies, the 68’ Comeback [a television special]. That’s the first half of the show and I’ll change outfits accordingly [four or five]. Also I’m trying to tell a bit more of a story at the start, so I’ll be using audio snippets and visuals on the projector. The second half of the show will be Elvis like in concert in the 1970s and all the hits.

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An Interview with Amber Lawrence

It’s been a busy year for country music singer and songwriter, Amber Lawrence. Not only has she just been nominated for a further six Golden Guitars for her collaboration Our Backyard with Travis Collins, she also managed to find time to release an 11-track original album titled Aussie Aussie Christmas.

Last month you released a new album called Aussie Aussie Christmas, a collection of new Christmas songs written for an Australian audience. Why create a Australian Christmas album instead of sticking with a more traditional Christmas album?

All the way, my career has been putting my personality into everything I do and I wouldn’t be able to do that by singing carols someone else has written. I wanted to share what I see as Christmas.

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An Interview with Natalie Pearson

Natalie Pearson has been making a name for herself in the country music scene. Her album Long Time Running, released early last year, debuted at #2 on the Australian Country iTunes Chart and received the award for Best Country in the 2016 MusicOz Australian Independent Music Awards.

Congratulations on the success you’ve had with your album, Long Time Running. I was listening to it this morning and I couldn’t help but notice it has strong themes of love and romanticism. Was that an intentional decision you made before you began recording or merely a lucky coincidence?

I didn’t write all [the songs] at the same time; they were [written] over a really long space of time. So that’s what I was going through over a space of a few years. It was up and down. That turmoil and then the exciting love thing, and finding the wrong guy. It wasn’t a decision that I made to make them all about love, that’s what I was going through.

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An Interview with Paddy McHugh

Brisbane-based Paddy McHugh‘s music and songwriting is raw, honest and authentic. His latest album City Bound Trains, depicts tales of a life in Australia and touches on many topics of interest – indigenous culture, same-sex marriage, equality and more.

You toured and released your second album, City Bound Trains back in October. What was the response like to those shows?

Fantastic! It was good to get out with a full band; I hadn’t done that in quite awhile. We had a great response to the shows particularly as the album had a bit more time to be heard, get out there and get a bit of love. It sort of grew and by the end of it, we finished up here in Brisbane, which is my hometown, we had a fantastic show. It was really great to be on the road and with a full band.

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