REVIEW: Legends In Concert

Tribute acts have always had a bit of a stigma attached to them by some members of the public. While tribute artists make up a huge sub-section of the music industry, there are still some audiences who refuse to see a tribute show, as if attending a concert by such a performer is to somehow besmirch the reputation of the real artist they’re honouring.

If I was ever tempted to think that way, that all changed for me when I attended a Guns N Roses tribute show that was actually more accomplished, polished and entertaining than when I saw the real Guns N Roses recently in concert. Tribute acts succeed I believe because they capture the magic of artists at their absolute peak.

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An Interview with David Hobson

On October 31 the Bravo! Cruise of the Performing Arts 2017 cruise ship sets sail for the shores of Noumea and Isle of Pines. Performing on the seven night cruise is three tenor José Carreras, Marina Prior, Silvie Paladino and many more. I spoke with tenor, composer and performer, David Hobson about what people can expect from this exciting cruise.

On October 31st you set sail on Bravo! Cruise of the Performing Arts 2017 cruise ship. What can you tell me about it?  

It’s on this huge ship called the Radiance of the Seas – I think it’s the third time it’s been done – and it’s literally like a festival of music on the sea. It’s pretty amazing! If you’d asked me to do it 10 years ago, I would have said you were crazy, because it sounds like a really daggy event, but you’ve got this 1000-seat theatre with a full orchestra on board, where each night there’s either a fantastic opera or music theatre concert. I was gob smacked when we did it because my impression of cruising was like The Love Boat, back in the 70s, but it’s not like that at all!

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