The Rocky Horror Show To Be Broadcast Live To Cinemas Across Australia As Part Of Its 50th Anniversary Celebrations

The 50th Anniversary production of iconic rock ‘n’ roll musical The Rocky Horror Show has kicked off global celebrations at Theatre Royal Sydney thrilling audiences and critics alike, and in an Australian first, will be broadcast live from the stage of Theatre Royal Sydney into cinemas across the country for one night only on Thursday 30 March.

This is the first time Trafalgar Releasing, the global leader in Event Cinema distribution, has presented a live event from an Australian venue to cinemas across the continent giving audiences from all corners of this vast land a unique opportunity to experience the thrill of the live performance of The Rocky Horror Show direct from the magnificently restored Theatre Royal Sydney.

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Thoughts on Aladdin 2019


There’s a new trend at Disney seeing their old animated classics turned into modern day motion pictures. Following the successes of Beauty and the Beast in 2017 and Dumbo earlier this year (and with ten other titles scheduled for release until 2020); Aladdin is the newest film to receive the live action treatment.

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