An Interview with Lee Kernaghan

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In 1992, Lee Kernaghan released the Outback Club, which not only won ‘Best Country Album’ at the ARIA Music Awards and ‘Album of the Year’ at the Golden Guitar Awards, but also made him a household name. With 25 years in the industry, Lee has sold over two million album sales, 34 number one hits and 36 Golden Guitars to his name. Currently on his biggest and most exciting tour yet; I spoke to Lee about celebrating this iconic milestone.

You kicked off your massive 31+-date Boys From the Bush – 25th Anniversary Tour at the Tamworth Country Music Festival in January with the Wolfe Brothers. How was that show?

It was epic! The Wolfe Brothers truly are the hottest in the land. They are brilliant musicians, songwriters and artists [of] international calibre, as good as any outfitting in the world, I reckon. There’s a whole lot of history behind those boys. They often joke about those times they were in the mosh pit at the Wrest Point Casino, watching the Lee Kernaghan show (laughs). Now they’re in the band, making their own albums, touring America and with a career of their own. Those boys have paid serious musical dues and done countless shows to get to where they are today. They have a wide knowledge of music – not just country music, but all genres of music – and I think that’s part of the magic of the Wolfe Brothers.

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The St Kilda Fest Files – An interview with Ainslie Wills

Ainslie Wills has been pegged as one to watch in 2017. Not only has she played Queenscliff Music Festival, Falls Festival, WOMADelaide and Splendour in the Grass, just to name a few, as well as a successful run opening for Grouplove in the UK last year; she, and key collaborator Lawrence Folvig, have signed on to support Tom Chaplin (Keane) when his British tour gets underway next month.

You literally just got off stage at St Kilda Fest. How did your set go?

It was fun. We had some good responses, especially towards the end of the set with songs like ‘Drive’. For us to play a band gig, it sort of doesn’t happen. The last band gig we played was probably Woodford [Folk Festival] last year, so it’s nice to play with the full band and get back into it.

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An Interview with Adam Brand

Adam Brand’s careers spans close to 20 years, with multiple ARIA Award nominations, Golden Guitar wins and half a million CD and DVD sales, he’s one of Australia’s most successful and highly respected singer-songwriters. His recent feel good release pushes the boundaries in the country music genre, touching on elements of pop and rock, and encouraging people to Get On Your Feet.

The new album Get On Your Feet has been out for about a week now. What’s the response been like?

It started with a few people [saying], “it’s a bit poppy” but it seems to have all been turned around. Maybe people are surprised by the new sound, I don’t know, but it’s been overwhelming. A lot of good vibes out there; people enjoying the new sounds.

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The St Kilda Fest Files – An interview with band, Destrends

I spoke to Melbourne-based trio, Destrends at this year’s St Kilda Fest to discuss their upcoming Ep, Lousy Lover and eccentric costume choices.

Brothers Matt (Vocals/Bass) and Nathan Savage (Drums) grew up in Deniliquin, NSW – the country music capital of Australia. Their post-punk sound with a 80s vibe is a far cry from the music their hometown is best known for. “We all went the absolute polar opposite on purpose.” Nathan joked, “I don’t think we could get further away from like a country band!”

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An Interview with Damien Leith

MI0003406690 Singer-songwriter, Damien Leith is about to hit the road with his huge 25-date Roy – A Tribute to Roy Orbison – The Hall of Fame Tour. With two albums in the works; I caught up with Damien to talk about Roy, Elvis and how he’s making an impact in the country music world.

Your six ROY – a Tribute to Roy Orbison shows sold-out in 2016. What’s the reason for bringing it back in 2017?

Last year [was] an isolated run. We did six shows to see, well, first of all, we were celebrating the 80th birthday but also to get it out there, see how people respond to it and see what the vibe is. Those six shows got a fantastic response so we decided straight after that we should head out to more regional areas and take it further even than we did the first time around. Also just because I love Roy Orbison’s music – always have done – and it’s great to perform.

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An Interview with Casey Barnes


I spoke to Australian singer-songwriter, Casey Barnes back in October following the release of his ARIA top 10 album, Live As One. We recently caught up again to discuss the new single Just Like Magic, dancing and all things Christmas.

You’ve been labelled a country singer in the industry, but the new single Just Like Magic has received a lot of commercial radio play. When you were recording it, or even when considering releasing it, did you consciously think it had potential to crossover to a more main stream audience?

Yes, I did! I was keen to team up with the guys from MSquared, in Melbourne, Michael Paynter and another writer, Michael Delorenzis. These guys, majority of the time, they write commercial music for the artists that are signed to the major labels like Sony, Universal and some of the guys that are on The Voice, so they’re used to writing that mainstream commercial sort-of pop sound. They were keen to work with me to see if we could come up with something that was a crossover song that would get played on country radio, community radio and mainstream radio.

Somebody said to me the other day, which I thought was spot on, the song’s like Keith Urban meets Bryan Adams with a modern pop twist to it – which is a pretty good description. It’s time country music in Australia caught up with the times and embraced a more diverse sound. There’s that traditional old school country sound, which is still great, but I think it’s time to embrace a more modern country sound as well. There’s a time and place for all different types of country music.

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