Tinsel and Tapshoes (we like to call it TaTS because it sounds so badass) is a blog written by three Melbourian friends, dedicated to all things entertainment. Tinsel stands for Tinseltown – so think movies, TV, celebrities etc. Tapshoes refers to all things music and theatre related. And and, well that stands for everything else in-between. The name is also a nod to the amazing Edwin McCain.


10921820_10155100614140344_2057025400_nMallory A is a freelance entertainment reporter, writer, journalist, desktop publisher and occasional stylist.

I have diplomas in Professional Writing and Editing (majoring in Journalism and Desktop Publishing), Visual Merchandising and Fashion Styling.

My interests include television, movies, musicals, fashion, design, reading, pop culture, travel, music and astrology.

Website: www.malloryarbour.com
Blog: http://crylilsister.blogspot.com.au

Tara M is an administrator by day (superhero by night? No, wait, that doesn’t sound right… ) who is known for the occasional odd sock wearing, one armed hugs and a slight coffee obsession.

I have a Diploma of Arts (Professional Writing and Editing) and a certificate in administration. I have also recently enrolled in an editing and publishing course to refresh my skills and break the boredom of office work.

Blog: https://slicesoflovelifeandotherinsanity.wordpress.com

Heath C.

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