Introducing the Von Trapp Children

When: 1st March 2016
What: The Sound of Music Victorian Cast Announcement
Show commencement:  13th May 2016
Where: Regent Theatre, Melbourne

Meet the 18 young cast members alternating for the roles of the six youngest Von Trapp children: Friedrick, Louisa, Kurt, Brigitta, Marta and Gretl. Marina Prior (Baroness Schraeder) lead the introductions in order from second eldest Von Trapp to youngest and the enthusiasm and energy from the cast was heart warming to see:

Cast Pictured:

Friedrick – Alexander Glenk, Jackson Rudge and Oliver Wellington
Louisa – Emily Crockett, Darcy McGrath and Bronte Muir
Kurt – Beaumont Farrell, Tim Haskayne and Joshua Vass
Brigitta – Amelia Szabo, Karina Thompson and Chloe Vigilante
Marta – Rachel Kipnis, Ruby Moore and Kayla Muir
Gretl – Portia Fragapane, Annie Jones and Heidi Sprague


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