Recap of Survivor S32E2

Recap of Survivor S32E2


Here we are once again – new season, new write ups. I saw episode 1 but didn’t have time to write notes, so I thought I would start of episode 2.

Just to note though, I think it was silly to vote out Darnell just because he lost the mask. It’s not very smart to vote people out just for spite when the clear vote should have been Alecia. She was the weakest link, in my personal opinion, and I think Darnell would have been a greater asset to the team in the long run.

Anyway, onto the episode …


  • Alecia questions why they’re talking so much smack about her if they want her in the game … “I’m just really confused at this point” – Alecia
  • “We had an embro” – Alecia. “You mean, ember” – Jennifer. In RE to trying to light the fire. “She’s just so dumb” – Jason on Alecia.


  • I personally don’t question Tai being on the beauty tribe. I also don’t think it comes to inner beauty – I think he is just so bloody charming, and I love how respectful he is or nature and the world around us. He shares my way of thinking.
  • Anywho, Tai is still looking for the Idol.
  • Tai also wears very cute underwear. Best I’ve seen on the show for a long long time.
  • “Ow. Red ant. Red ant” – Tai, whilst looking for the Idol.
  • Oh … Oh … Oh … Tai has found the Idol. No, wait. It’s just a clue to the Idol – well, more so a treasure hunt to the Idol.
  • “Twist they gave me” – Mr Miyagi, ahm Tai. “Oh my God, that’s a lot of work!”
  • “Slowly, slowly. Don’t look around whatever you do” – Tai wants to sneak his way to find the Idol.
  • “Jeff really testing me” – Tai, as he tries to climb up the tree to retrieve the Idol. Then questions how Ozzy did it so easily. I imagine age and fitness came into it – and the fact that Ozzy was a freakin’ rockstar!
  • Poor Tai. He tried so hard but still doesn’t have the Idol. Best to try and get it again when/if the tribe has to go to Tribal – but definitely before the merge too – or actually, before a switch up, or any kind of twist that takes you away from your camp. On second thought, GET ON THAT IDOL, TAI! You just don’t know when the game will be all shaken up!


  • “I’m so excited we won kerosene” Neal, confesses he was a pyromaniac as a kid – try not to burn down the whole campsite there.
  • “I can judge the water just by looking at it” – Debbie proves she’s crazy again. What was the name of that guy season’s ago who said how he did everything and knew everything. I feel like it was Phillip – can anyone confirm? Specialist FBI agent or something like that, right?
  • “Does she have 30 cats or 40 cats?” – Obama, I mean Peter, on his first impressions of Debbie. I’m pretty sure she has 34 cats, Peter.
  • “Women with boobs should not be running” – Debbie, most women have boobs just FYI.
  • “We have the biggest frontal lobes!” – Debbie cheers for the brain’s tribe!
  • ^ She’s crazy, right? Like white padded room cray cray, yeah?!


  • “You really have the appetite of a child” – Julia, on Caleb’s eating.
  • Oh. Tai is flirting with Caleb.
  • “You’re cuddleious” – Tai, to Caleb.
  • “Yeah, you can cuddle me” – Caleb is happy to cuddle Tai at night because there’s no homophobia in here. Sweet.
  • Tai doesn’t want Caleb to kill the poor helpless bee. Please don’t kill the bee. People are savages!
  • Julia sees the differences between Caleb and Tai, but “the bromance is real out here” – Michelle sees it differently.
  • Eww Tai sucking the eyes out of the cooked fish. Yuk!
  • “You tried to kiss me!” – Caleb, calls Tai out on trying to kiss him.
  • “I was totally going in for the kiss. I think he liked it a little bit” – Tai confesses.


  • “We will drink from the well and people may get sick” – Neal, on the tribe not having fire.
  • Joe explains the difference between book knowledge and practical knowledge, but that still doesn’t explain why he used the whole bottle of kerosene and got the matches wet. Was that him? Not sure – but someone has screwed them over!
  • “Liz is becoming a pain in the butt” – Joe
  • “Hide myself til we get a fire going” – Liz, is feeling weak and emotional.


  • Wow. Look how sunburnt Jason is!
  • “Just chalking it up to another day!” – Jason, is okay with the sunburn.
  • No fire = no water, plus no fire to cook the chickens.
  • “There’s no doubt in her mind that she’s at the bottom” – Scot, on Alecia.
  • But Scot, at least she’s trying to get the fire going! That’s more than I can say for you!
  • Alecia is frustrated at “NBA and hit man” because they’re sleeping as she tries to get the fire going!
  • SHE GOT FIRE! Wow (did that say 3 or 5) hours to light the fire?!
  • Alecia demands baby sticks.
  • “Not a quitter” – Michelle likes that Alecia is not a quitter.


  • So basically the teams have to carry a heavy log through an obstacle course – then get the rope off the log, use it to fire a slingshot to hit two targets to take out the win.
  • The winner also gets reward in form of fishing gear.
  • Debbie and Julia are sitting this one out.
  • Wow Caleb sure is a fast runner!
  • “You’re doing awesome! Go brains!” – Debbie, forever the cheerleader. “Way to go brains!” “Go brain go!”
  • Brawn and Beauty are out to an early lead. Perhaps Brains are doing the slow and steady wins the race approach?
  • “Move that grey matter!” – Debbie, oh dear.
  • Caleb and Tai take a BIG fall!
  • “If your rope is tangled it won’t make it to the target” – Jeff
  • “Beauty tribe (is) still knotted up!” – Jeff
  • “Brain tribe has made up a lot of time!” – Jeff
  • And they’re sling-shotting!
  • “One target left for all tribes!” – Jeff
  • And …
  • Brains comes in second. Brawn is heading the tribal for the second time.


  • Scot is not taking all the blame for brawn loosing the challenge – even though he was the one shooting … hmm. Nor should you have blamed Darnell last week, Scot. Hmm.
  • “I would be shocked if one of them turned” – Scot trusts his alliance.
  • “She’s a ditz and a half!” – Jason is gunning for Alecia. “She’s always confused”
  • “She’s like an ostrich, but she can’t fly, so she’s useless” – Jason, on Alecia.
  • So, Alecia goes off looking for the Idol.
  • “She’ll never find it” – Jason, on Alecia.
  • Jennifer doesn’t like Jason’s attitude and the way he is around camp.
  • Eww! Jason just almost threw his skin in the pot. That’s so nasty!
  • Oh the girl’s have a plan at an all girl’s alliance. Jennifer explains that they need the guys to win challenges, but once they make it to the merge the boys will be kicked off and the girl’s can control the game as a tight threesome.
  • “I’ve been ignoring my gut” – Jennifer, on why she suddenly wants to make a big move.
  • “You drive me crazy, but I also like you” – Jennifer, there’s a way to win Alecia over to your side! Although, really, Alecia has no choice but to go with her at this stage.
  • If Alecia stays, she may just do a happy dance.
  • Jason and Scot feel comfortable heading into tribal – and that’s the worst way to feel when you do go to tribal.
  • Jennifer is torn between her two current options. She doesn’t like Jason, but if she blindsides him she will be blindsiding Scot, whom she actually likes. As Sebastian said, “Sometimes life’s full of tough choices” … Sebastian who, you ask, the crab, of course. Have you never seen The Little Mermaid?!
  • Personally I hope that Jason goes because I find him so incredibly rude and disgusting – and that’s only from the little moments I’ve seen. I also think he’s being a bit of a bully, which I don’t think is right. Yes Alecia is a bit dumb, but she’s still a human being at the end of the day.


  • Alecia feels like she’s proved herself around camp, and deserves to stay in the game.
  • Jennifer is giving away all her cards. WHAT A FREAKING’ IDIOT. Who does that?  And now she’s all defensive because she told everyone her plans – then blames Alecia. OMG. This is just unbelievable!
  • “Wow” – even Jeff can’t believe Jennifer’s stupidity.
  • Scot looks like a giant!
  • “Saying the wrong thing at the wrong time to the wrong people” – Cydney explains Jennifer’s stupidity.
  • Haha to Jason’s rant about alliances. So good! Why is it not on YouTube yet?!
  • “The pain is them not trusting me” – Jennifer, you brought this on yourself. You dug a whole, and you’re just digging yourself further down into it.
  • “I haven’t been listening to a word Alecia has said, I’ve been listening to you” – Scot, to Jennifer.
  • “I understand misspeaking. I’ve done it once or twice myself” – Scot, doesn’t know how to take what Jennifer is saying …
  • “I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a tribal like this” – Jeff, you and I both!
  • “This is how brawn does it!” – Jason, you’re definitely not on the brain tribe, that’s for sure!
  • Jason is amusing me this tribal …
  • And it’s time to vote!
  • And the results are in!
  • Jason, Alecia and Cydney voted for Jennifer.
  • Scot and Jennifer voted for Alecia.
  • Farewell Jennifer!
  • “See you guys. I hope you win a lot more challenges” – Jennifer
  • “Dramatic example of how quickly thing’s can change. One wrong word” – Jeff

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