Thoughts on Deadpool

From the opening credits this movie will grab your attention and make you smile with an “honest” description of its stars and creators (my favourite was “Written by: The real heroes here”). Then you will laugh, cringe, smile, eye roll, feel sad, laugh, cringe again and keep going on in this manner right until the final credits roll. If Ryan Reynolds’s sass and one liners don’t linger with you well after the movie has finished then you will at least get “shoop, shoop, ba doop” stuck in your head on repeat… which is both a cool and annoying Deadpool side effect.

Am I a hardcore comic book fan who knows everything  anything about Deadpool and his origin story? No. Did I still enjoy this movie? Absolutely. Why? I have no idea. All I know is the casting was great, the plot kept my interest, the script was clever and the bad guy was cute with a British accent that I could listen to all day – that alone is a great reason to go see a movie, right? Add to that Ryan Reynolds as the “anti-superhero but still kind of a superhero when it comes to love and revenge” in a spiffy red outfit and you have yourself a hit.

I should probably point out that you need to have a bit of a crude or inappropriate sense of humour to enjoy this kind of movie… so maybe don’t take your grandparents (or great grandparents?) with you to see this… unless they are into toilet related jokes and giggle when people get shot in the butt or end up decapitated… in which case they should be fine. There are also some graphic scenes to consider… obviously… I mean it is an origin story of how Wade Wilson goes from mercenary to terminally ill to Deadpool. That kind of story naturally involves a lot of blood, bullet holes and X Men references.

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