Binge-Worthy Series: Jessica Jones

“New York may be the city that never sleeps, but it sure does sleep around. Not that I’m complaining, cheaters are good for business.” – Jessica Jones

I’ve never been into comic books but I’ve always been into superheros whether it be Sailormoon, Captain Planet, The Power Rangers or The Avengers. I’ve always enjoyed the idea of extraordinary people standing out, often as an outcast,  doing courageous and remarkable things. Usually for the greater good or out of love for someone or something.

That’s probably why Jessica Jones caught my interest. The tough, sassy anti-hero on a quest for redemption may have been done a thousand times before but boy does Jessica do it well.

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Thoughts on Spy (2015)

I know some of you are probably thinking “Ugh a Melissa McCarthy movie, great” and rolling your eyes. Let’s face it, you either like her movies or you don’t.  She tends to take jokes a bit too far (and into really bizarre and crude places) but, overall, I enjoy her movies. Even if she does get a little type cast in stereotypical roles.

When I saw the trailer for Spy I was interested in seeing it but also a little indifferent. If you go by the trailer alone it seems over the top, completely ridiculous and stereotypical. And it is. But it works. And there’s so much more to it than just the trailer.

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Flashback Friday: Deceived (1991)

Like most people, when I think ‘Goldie Hawn movie’ I think Comedy. So I was surprised to find she had released a thriller and curious to see just how much range her talent had. While some movies from the 90s are hit and miss with keeping my attention, I must say, Deceived did extremely well. While some aspects were fairly predictable it was still well shot and put together, with just the right amount of suspense mixed into it.

The only criticism of Goldie I have (and really, it’s very minor) is that at times her gasps and screams are a bit over the top. But, aside from that, she portrays a compelling and strong character who carries the story effortlessly forward no matter what she discovers along the way. But I am getting ahead of myself, let’s back up to the beginning. Continue reading

Flashback Friday: Permanent Record (1988)

Permanent Record 1988


There is something to be said about movies made in the 80s. There’s a certain level of simplicity; an innocence and charm that you just don’t get in today’s releases. Which takes me to Permanent Record.

With an endless list of 80s movies to choose from, I couldn’t go past this little Keanu gem. I watched it for the first time recently and was left with all kind of feels. It’s a sweet movie that deals with friendship, family, pressures of high school, suicide and the aftermath of losing your best friend. Topics that will always be relevant to someone somewhere in the world.

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