My Favourite Five: Songs From Eurovision 2017

Here’s my favourite five songs from Eurovision 2017. I also want to give a shout out to the entries from Hungary, Sweden and France. I thought Hungary was incredibly catchy – even though I don’t understand a word of it! Sweden took me back to the my elated boy band days of the 90s (fangirliness occurred) and France takes the award for favourite female performance on the night. Congrats also to Isaiah from Australia placing ninth and another fellow Aussie, Anja (representing Denmark) as well.

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My Favourite Five: Songs That Motivate

Whether you’re in a particular mood or looking for something that you can relate to, music can be a great place to turn. With so many songs around, music is always there for you, even when no one else is. It can give you a sense of comfort, energy or background companionship while you carry on with your day. It can pick you up, make you dwell or give you a way to grieve. It can even motivate you to keep going; either in general or during a task you are less than thrilled about *cough* housework and exercise *cough*

Here are five songs that work for me. Even if we have completely different tastes in music I hope this list at least gets you thinking about your own musical motivators:

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My Favourite Five: Songs From Galavant

I recently discovered the musical comedy series that is Galavant – and I was immediately hooked! With the winning combination of music, song, dance, costume, comedy, drama, plot, Timothy Omundson eye candy and Disney‘s Alan Menken at the reins, how could it be wrong? There has never been a Favourite Five more difficult than this one – because there are just so many brilliant songs to choose from! But I managed to get it down to five.


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