Thoughts on the movie People Like Us (2012)

The very beginning of this movie feels disconnected and a bit empty as we follow our main character Sam (Chris Pine) while he tries to overcome a business deal gone bad. Even though Pine plays the fast talking businessman well, Sam is not a character that you will fall in love with at first sight, he is self centred, greedy and takes his family and girlfriend for granted. He takes risks for his job without thinking of the consequences and as a result lands himself in debt.

While trying to deal with a potential law suit from his business mistake Sam learns his father has died. Following the news Sam begrudgingly returns home (with a little push from his caring girlfriend) and tries to be there for his mother (Michelle Pfeiffer) only to learn his father had a secret daughter named Frankie (Elizabeth Banks).

As you would expect, this revelation turns Sam’s world into chaos and he is torn between keeping Frankie’s inheritance all to himself to fix his debt (he was left no money) and wanting to get to know his half sister and nephew.

From the moment Frankie is on screen the movie gets interesting and you can’t help but watch as she brings out the best in Sam.

Overall, People Like Us is a sweet movie about redemption, forgiveness, starting over and rediscovering family values. While it is not a mainstream blockbuster movie or a standout classic it is worth watching at least once.

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