My Favourite Five: Emma Stone Movies

Whether she’s playing a supporting role or leading as a powerful character Emma Stone leaves an impression with every performance she gives. Here are five movies in which she will either make you smile, laugh or cheer her on as she kicks some butt!

5.) Aloha

Captain Allison Ng (“like ring without the r and the i”) is a career driven, enthusiastic and culturally sensitive air force pilot with a strong sense of right and wrong. While she can seem high energy at first it doesn’t take long to see that she is a character with a lot of heart and determination.

4.) The Help

Eugenia Phelan aka ‘Skeeter’ is a down to earth feminist ahead of her time. Seeing the segregation and treatment of how the house staff are treated by her hometown friends she tries to initiate change the only way she can; through the power of words in a tell all book. Sometimes all it takes is for one person’s courage to get the ball rolling towards change.

3.) Crazy, Stupid, Love

In a comedy filled with plenty of banter and endearing moments, Emma Stone works really well with Ryan Gosling and together they bring a believable chemistry to their characters.

2.) Easy A

The best part about Emma Stone’s performance in Easy A was how Olive interacted with her parents. The banter translated naturally on screen and showed us that Olive had a close relationship with her parents who were her greatest supporters right from the start no matter her choices or opinion of things.

1.) Zombieland

Resourceful and manipulative, Wichita is the kind of ally you would want in a zombie apocalypse. She’s tough but caring.

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