Recap of Survivor: Second Chance S31E6

Recap of Survivor: Second Chance S31E6


How are we only up to episode 6? SO much has happened so far in such a little amount of time! Anyway, on to episode 6 …


  • Spencer, what’s up with that shirt-thing?
  • Bye bye, Monica!


  • What an incredibly cute, yet freaky lizard! Very appropriate for the day that I am writing this write up. Happy Halloween everybody! And a big thank you for reading!
  • Jeff arrives on a secret silent boat in the middle of the night. Pitch black. What’s this all about? The preview looked like somebody left the show due to injury. I don’t think this is going to be about that … Secret switch-up maybe? Something else?
  • Oh gosh. Terry’s son is in the hospital and his family has recommended that he be pulled from the game. Poor Terry. Wow. It sounds serious. I hope his son turns out to be okay.
  • There are so many tears from the contestants. (from myself also … just secretly)
  • “Worst way to be pulled out of Survivor” “It’s just a reminder of how quickly things can change” – Kass
  • “Let’s bring it home for [Terry]” – Keith
  • “I feel for him. He’s a good Dad” “We’ll keep him in our thoughts and hope for the best” – Kass
  • You know, it is a horrible thing for what happened to Terry. I wouldn’t wish that upon everyone. It’s more so, also that it takes you out of the game. But also, the tribe wanted to vote Terry out first when they got the chance. So it’s kind of ironic that they’d all be crying and sad that he has to leave. Granted, it’s in the way that he left which makes it all the more heartbreaking. But if they would have lost immunity next time around, there was a good possibility that he would have gone anyway. That being said, I hope everything is okay, and it does prove that family comes first in any circumstance.


  • Of course, Ta Kao is last to arrive …
  • Everyone is in shock to “get a look at the new Ta Kao tribe” – Jeff
  • “Without Terry” – Spencer
  • So many tears and look of shock on everybody’s faces!
  • [If my kid was sick] “I’d run to the airport” – Andrew “Family, it’s bigger than all of this”
  • Wait, Ciera is a mum?!
  • “Last night, it took the wind out of our tribe a little, but it’s still a game and we’re gonna do him proud!” – Joe, on Terry going home
  • I smell a shake up coming …. it’s in the air!
  • Bayon is a “nice little family going on here” – Jeremy.
  • “This four is unbelievably tight” – Andrew, on Angkor (also, kind of a lie too …)
  • “I’m glad we have three tight tribes” and now let me slash your throats … I mean “that makes today the perfect day for a switch!” – Jeff
  • “Love you, Terry” – Joe says as he kisses his buff
  • “The three most beautiful words in this world for me, ‘drop your buffs'” – Andrew’s dream have come true. Also what a MASSIVE CLOSE close up!
  • Farewell Angkor, you were so short-lived!
  • The new tribes are –
  • Ta Kao: Kass, Woo, Ciera, Andrew, Abi, Spencer and Kelly.
  • Bayon: Joe, Keith, Stephen, Kelley, Tasha, Jeremy and Kimmi.
  • It’s interesting to note that both Jeremy and Kelley have hidden idols on the Bayon tribe.
  • Woo is happy to be with Andrew still because he thinks they have a good bond.
  • “There has been two swaps now. There are so many past relationships, I can’t even fathom how people can group together. It is a cluster explicit” – Spencer. Is that shit storm? Fuck up? Fuck? Shit? [insert swear word here]
  • “Little worried about Spencer, because there may not be a love connection” – Kass, isn’t happy to have Spencer on her tribe
  • “Wow, we’re already in it” – Spencer “Here we go!”
  • Spencer mentions how at times he and Kass hated each other. “How can [he] get along with [his] arch nemesis? – will determine how this game goes for me” … I guess we will just have to find out …
  • Kelley is the only original Ta Kao on her new tribe, but she knows some people in her currant tribe too.
  • Stephen sees Kelley as the “obvious target” to vote for, but still fears the risk of being targeted as he is on a tribe with “big alpha guys – that’s terrifying to me!” [Pan camera to Joe and Jeremy] Good cameraman.
  • Anyway, with the tribes now two … the reward is a picnic lunch including fried chicken (that got a reaction) and brownies (that got an even BIGGER reaction!) “Nuff, said” – Joe
  • So this challenge isn’t a redemption for anybody? That’s a bit of a change …
  • Basically, one tribe member at a time has to slid on a big mat to reach a hoop and then throw it on a pole. First to land the hoop scores a point. First to five wins reward.
  • Jeremy’s body all oiled up would make for one hot stripper show!
  • And the first round is Andrew vs Jeremy
  • “Andrew lands it a second behind!” – Jeff
  • Andrew looks like he wants to punch somebody. Lots and lots of anger!
  • So that’s one point to Jeremy and Bayon! Bayon: 1 / Ta Kao: 0
  • It’s Stephen vs Kass
  • OMG Stephen running is hilarious! Now that’s what I call com-e-dy! (as said in the style of Jerry Seinfeld)
  • And that’s a point to Kass and Ta Kao. Bayon: 1 / Ta Kao: 1
  • “I’m really sorry, you guys” – Stephen to his tribe
  • “Hey, you gotta have confidence in yourself, yo! We got confidence in you, have it in yourself, man!” Jeremy, to Stephen. Yeah. What he said!
  • And now it’s Abi vs Kimmi
  • Wow, that’s one hell of a fall from Kimmi!
  • “Abi thought it was over!” – Jeff, and she heads off defeated, only to realise that Kimmi’s hoop came off the pole and does not count.
  • And “she scores” that’s a point for Abi and Ta Kao / Bayon: 1 / Ta Kao: 2
  • Now it’s Woo vs Joe. Come on Joe, you got this!
  • All eyes on Joe’s slow motion he-puts-the-oil-on-his-body. He’s perfect. Yes, he is.
  • Both Woo and Joe slide straight to their hoop. Impressive!
  • Joe scores for Bayon in one go! Bayon: 2 / Ta Kao: 2
  • And now, final round, it’s Kelly vs Kelley.
  • And Kelly wins for Ta Kao! / Bayon: 2 / Ta Kao: 3
  • “Ta Kao wins reward!” – Jeff

And back again …

  • Andrew is happy to have Woo and Abi on his tribe, and he wants to regroup with his original alliance with Kass and Ciera. “I’m not going anywhere” – Andrew, says comfortably and confidently.
  • Spencer is happy to eat but at the same time was thinking “how the hell is this tribe gonna work out for me?”
  • And then has some “awkward and cagey” conversations with Kass.
  • “Just tried to treat her like everyone but, but that’s never worked for me in the past with Kass” – Spencer
  • Perhaps, in a season called Second Chance, this might be the second chance for Kass and Spencer to kiss and make up.
  • Andrew describes being in Angkor as “traumatizing” but “to eat [by winning the reward] is one of the greatest moments in my life”. And he’s right, it does sound silly.
  • “If I had a son, I’d like him to be like Spencer. Big heart, super bright, I love the kid.” – Andrew – but he wants to vote him out by using Kass’s hate towards him as a way to get Spencer out.
  • Andrew does this by going to the now core five (Abi, Woo, Ciera, Kass and himself) by saying that they will vote Spencer out but tell Spencer that they plan to blindside Ciera.
  • “Hold the phone” – Ciera says! And can’t believe that he has brought up her name!
  • “Sign where his trust lies” – Ciera, on Andrew.
  • “Hearing your name brought up is never a good sign!” – Ciera.

Meanwhile, on Bayon

  • “Don’t drop it and don’t catch it on fire either” – Keith says to Kimmi as he hands her a fish on a stick. And then she drops it and it catches on fire.
  • “Oh my goodness, Joe” – Kelley “I know, we might have to do some work” – Joe (in regards to Kelley being the easy vote)
  • “You’re stronger than Stephen and Kimmi” – Joe, makes a strong pitch for Kelley to stay, as he has the numbers.
  • “If Joe wants to protect me, [I will] hide behind Joe for as long as I can” – Kelley
  • Stephen, on the other hand “I don’t trust Joe at all”
  • “Joe has flipped on the original Bayon alliance”
  • Jeremy wants to keep Joe around as a shield “definitely don’t want to be the biggest guy out here”
  • And now, cue tears from Stephen in regards to the game and how hard he is working this time around to make sure he wins the game this time around. He wants to “take out the golden boy” and at the right time, and if he doesn’t convince his alliance to do that at the right time then he will feel like he has failed. And does beat himself up about these things. It’s his second chance, but he’s beating himself up about things.


  • And it’s a food eating contest – by the way, eww!
  • Jeff mentions that they’ve played this 14 times in the series. Kelly, Andrew, Kimmi (“wouldn’t eat a cow’s brain) and Ciera (“didn’t get through the first round”) have all previously played.
  • And round one, it’s Spencer and Woo vs Kimmi and Tasha. They each have two tarantulas to eat.
  • “A little bit of guts and a little bit of juice [is included]” Eww Jeff, eww.
  • And Spencer and Woo score for Ta Kao. Bayon: 0 / Ta Kao: 1
  • Next, it’s Andrew and Ciera vs Keith and Jeremy, eating a giant water beetle”
  • Jeff mentions, once again that there will be “guts and juice” Eww Jeff, eww!
  • Ciera is struggling!
  • And Keith and Jeremy score for Bayon. Bayon: 1 / Ta Kao: 1
  • Next it’s Kass and Abi vs Stephen and Kelley, eating a pig’s snout
  • “Everyone takes a big bite” [right off the bat] – Jeff
  • Stephen is the first to finish. Everyone seems surprised. Tee hee.
  • Oh gosh, Kass spit it out!
  • Stephen and Kelley score for Bayon. Bayon: 2 / Ta Kao: 1
  • Now it’s Joe vs Kelly taking on a deep-fried frog.
  • “Kelly is shoving it in her mouth” – Jeff
  • And Kelly scores for Ta Kao. Bayon: 2 / Ta Kao: 2
  • “Defeats Joe!” – Jeff, finds that as unbelievable as everybody else!
  • It’s now Woo vs Kimmi to eat a pig’s brain.
  • “I haven’t had pig for 30 years and to go jump into pig’s brain, seems a little insane” – Kimmi, refuses to eat it and gives the win to Woo.
  • “Woo, making this look easy!” – Jeff
  • “That [took] less than five seconds!” Jeff, on Woo scoring the point. But more so trying to make a point to Kimmi for not eating it. I love when Jeff goes all bitchy and plays favourites.
  • Anywho, Woo scores for Ta Kao. Bayon: 2 / Ta Kao: 3
  • It’s Ciera vs Kelley. If Ciera can finish the scorpion first, she will win immunity for her tribe. But no, Kelley scores and wins. Bayon: 3 / Ta Kao: 3
  • “I’m sorry for letting these guys down, but proud for getting as far as I did” – Ciera
  • And it’s the final round! It’s Kass vs Tasha to eat a balut (aka duck embryo)
  • “Kass [is] struggling with a baby bite” – Jeff
  • And with that, Tasha wins for Bayon! Bayon: 4 / Ta Kao: 3
  • Then Kass describes her emotional and physical reaction to the challenge. Ugh. Boo hoo.
  • And then Jeremy goes up and takes a bite out of the balut, to everyone’s shock and surprise (more so Ciera) “I haven’t eaten in 16 days, Jeff” is Jeremy’s reasoning. Seems rash.
  • “I’d love to get rid of Spencer tonight” – Kass has Spencer in her sights tonight.

Back at the Ta Kao tribe …

  • “If all goes according to plan, we’ll be voting Spencer” – Woo, is happy he finally gets to play the game.
  • “I’ve been wanting to play with [Andrew] for a really long time” – Spencer
  • “Nothing is getting in the way of my second chance” – Andrew “I mean business”
  • Spencer wants to work with Andrew. Andrew wants to secretly get rid of Spencer.
  • Ciera wants to get rid of Woo. Nothing like a women scorned, although really, she should be going after Andrew if she really wants revenge. Just sayin’.
  • “Wait, does [Andrew] actually want to go after me?” Spencer is amazed to hear that Andrew is lying to him about voting Ciera. Kass thinks she can work with Spencer and get out Woo.
  • “I guess I’m bunking with the devil tonight” – Spencer has to work with arch-nemesis Kass. Also, my quote of the episode. “I might have to play with Kass”
  • So it looks like the vote is in Kass’s hands tonight. Who will she vote for? It’s a 3/3 split. She can go either way at this point.
  • It’s her first vote of the season – so it’s a matter of calm Kass vs chaos Kass … the angel and devil on her shoulders and pulling her in different directions.


  • It’s kind of crazy that this is the first time this season that Kass and Ciera are voting …
  • “Second chance experience to see if you can change your game and get a better result” – Jeff on the philosophy of the game.
  • Spencer is playing the game to see people as just that, people.
  • “Who’s really tight with who? It’s really fun” Kass, on seeing where alliances fall.
  • Kass, having played with Andrew in the original tribe, played with Ciera from the beginning, Woo she played with on her last season and well, we all know what’s happening with her and Spencer.
  • “That battle between your gut and your heart and your mind” – Ciera, has a gut feeling she knows who she can trust in the game.
  • “My judgement is my judgement. And if I blow it, that’s on me” – Andrew is feeling confidence that he knows how the vote is going to go. He believes it’ll be Spencer.
  • “Somebody’s plan is not going to work out” – Ciera, on how the vote is going to go.
  • This is after Jeff points out that everyone on the tribe feels confident that they aren’t going home tonight – even though someone has to go home.
  • By the way, does Kelly ever talk? I feel like she hardly gets any air time at all.
  • “I’m writing your name down for one season – you’re too good at the game” – Andrew, on voting for Spencer.
  • “I think tonight it’s in the hands of Chaos Kass [heavy sigh] God help, (man? me?)” – Spencer, voting Woo, has his fate in Kass’s hands.
  • My money is on that Woo is going to go home tonight.
  • And the results are in ….
  • Woo is going home.
  • Spencer, Ciara, Abi and Kass voted for Woo. Andrew, Woo and Kelly voted for Spencer.
  • Andrew looks completely shocked!
  • “[This] game [is being] played at a very high level, going to have to change your game to make it to the end” – Jerry Springer during his final thoughts. Sorry, I mean Jeff.
  • Woo is “stoked to be a part of this Survivor family”
  • And it’s nice to see at the end of the episode that Terry’s son is doing okay after his heart transplant. So glad to hear. Donate life.


  • I’ve been trying to decide if they made the right decision in voting out Woo over Spencer. On one hand, I feel like Woo isn’t as much of a strategic player as Spencer. I feel like Woo would probably stay local to those he feels he can trust so as long as you kept him feeling comfortable, you could probably bring him along with you.
  • Having said that, Abi was meant to be on board in the Andrew, Woo and Abi alliance but she straight away went with Ciera and Kass to vote out Woo. Now, we all know that Abi has been gunning for Woo for a while for having him vote her name down twice in a row. I feel like she voted with them for her personal feelings, and this just shows that she doesn’t really have any key alliances with anyone but herself. This is, after all, Abi’s game and how she’s playing it.
  • Spencer I feel will not stay loyal to Kass and as soon as he can vote with someone else, he will, straight away. But for the moment, it’s in his best interest to stick with the numbers and for the moment, stay with Kass.
  • But I also feel like Kass made the right decision in voting out Woo. Not only does it send a message to Andrew – complacently is the worst thing in any Survivor game. Once you get too confident, I don’t think you’re fully playing the game hard enough any more. But more so, in terms of Kass’s game, if she would have voted for Spencer, it looks bad on her alliance with Ciera.
  • In terms of a power couple, I fee like Kass and Ciera are both very loyal to one another and will probably remain that way. That being said though, we know Ciera voted out her own mother during her last season, so Ciera is willing to make big moves. But I do see them as a power couple, at least for the moment and in terms of the current tribe.
  • Andrew is at the bottom of the heap – although, the tribe could just as easily turn on Spencer again come next vote. Even though, we know, from the trailer, that next week is the merge so who knows where things will go from here.

Thanks for reading!

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