My Favourite Five: Sandra Bullock Movies

With 52 movies under her belt, so far, Sandra Bullock has proven she’s got the talent to move across genres. With so many great movies to choose from it was hard narrowing it down to a mere 5 that stand out but here goes:

5.) Murder By Numbers

As one of Sandra’s more serious roles Detective Cassie Mayweather finds herself stuck in a battle of wits with two teenagers who have planned and executed the “perfect murder”. Can she prove them guilty or will she let her own past tangle with the present?

4.) Miss Congeniality

A mainstream hit that will have you laughing (or snort laughing?) as Gracie Hart struggles through a forced transition from tom boy cop to beauty pageant contestant in order to stop a bomb threat.

3.) Speed

In a tense movie where the bus has to stay above 50 or it explodes Sandra’s sarcastic humour and realistic panic works perfectly with Keanu’s deadpan heroics and returned banter. With the amount of sarcasm delivered through honest observations I’m sure you could make a drinking game from it.

2.) 28 Days

As a free-spirit party girl with an addiction to alcohol, pain medication and bad choices Gwen will make you laugh, cry and want to hug her as she struggles through 28 days of mandated rehab.

1.) Practical Magic

Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman make a great team as the Owens sisters Sally and Gillian (aka Gilly Bean) in a movie you could watch again and again. When you take a powerful bond between sisters and add a little heartbreak, tequila, magic and mischief you have the makings of a heart warming story.

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