The MICF Files – Grant Busé

SEX! Now that I’ve got your attention – imagine a darkened room, an empty stage, and when suddenly a 27-years-old, self-described as the love child of Kurt Cobain and the Paddle Pop Lion, demonstrates his conception and birth using various props and an amply-placed curtain. The man is Grant Busé and it’s the intro into his MICF show, The Birds and the Beats – a sex-ed musical comedy for modern day adults.

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The Play That Goes Wrong: Preview

Melbourne has been spoilt lately with an exceptional array of quality theatre. From Circus 1903, to Kinky Boots, to The Book of Mormon, those looking to be entertained by the stage have had plenty to take in over the summer months.

But there will soon be another quality production mounted at the Comedy Theatre, with the uproarious British farce The Play That Goes Wrong, playing at Melbourne’s Comedy Theatre from February 22, before embarking on a national tour.

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Review: The Book Of Mormon

 photo b33ae1bb2bc096c5732088a14e3c95ceea0b0682_zpsnuedjqdl.gif

The Book Of Mormon
Book, music and lyrics by Trey Parker, Robert Lopez and Matt Stone
Playing at the Princess Theatre, Melbourne

The hype for this musical juggernaut has been huge, seemingly ever since it debuted on the Broadway in 2011. Six years of hype has built huge anticipation as The Book of Mormon makes its Australian stage debut, and even when taking all of that into consideration, the show blows away all expectations and turns out to be one of the most spectacular pieces of theatre I’ve ever witnessed.

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Hamish & Andy with Bonjah at The Corner Hotel – in Photos


Who: Hamish & Andy with Bonjah
Where: The Corner Hotel, Richmond
When: June 24th, 2016

Welcome to Hamish Blake for one song only. You guys know the stakes. If he plays it well, he gets to keep this electronic drum kit at his house. If he doesn’t, he has to sell it like he probably should because it’s a piece of junk. For those of you who are parked in a five minute spot, you may have to leave half way through the gig, but the rest of you will be able to stay the full eight minutes. Good luck, Ham! The fate of your drum kit rests on your shoulders.” – Andy Lee

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Damian Cowell’s Hara-Karaoke


The year is 2025, Damian Cowell presents his new musical Eurovision Ruined My Life – the Musical. Okay, you got me. I’m not some psychic wench who gazed into my crystal ball to predict the future – but this is the basis for Damian Cowell’s Hara-Karaoke (Eurovision not the wench – although, if anyone could pull that off, I’m sure Damian could!) playing now at The Forum as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

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