An Interview with Justine Clarke

Justine Clarke is a legend of Australian stage, screen and music. She began her career at age seven and has since spent three decades working in the industry. Most recently you may have seen her in the miniseries Hoges or as Diane in the 2016 film Red Dog: True Blue. Now she’s about to release a children’s album alongside with her new children’s show, Justine Clarke’s Ta Da!

What is your new show Justine Clarke’s Ta Da! all about?

I would say it’s about all the excitement and joy of putting on a show. It’s set at the five minute call. In each episode I’m getting ready for a show [then] something goes wrong and we have to fix it because the show must go on. And at the end of every episode there’s a new song.

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My Favourite Five: Songs From Eurovision 2017

Here’s my favourite five songs from Eurovision 2017. I also want to give a shout out to the entries from Hungary, Sweden and France. I thought Hungary was incredibly catchy – even though I don’t understand a word of it! Sweden took me back to the my elated boy band days of the 90s (fangirliness occurred) and France takes the award for favourite female performance on the night. Congrats also to Isaiah from Australia placing ninth and another fellow Aussie, Anja (representing Denmark) as well.

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TV Week Logie Awards 2017 Red Carpet

What: TV Week Logie Awards 2017 – Red Carpet Arrivals
Where: Crown Casino, Melbourne
When: 23rd April, 2017

I was lucky enough to attend the TV Week Logie Awards as a red carpet VIP guest for my fourth year in a row. Thank you Crown Casino for a lovely night and invite! Featuring Anthony Callea, Harrison Craig, Gary Mehigan, Samuel Johnson, Jason Coleman, Grant Denyer, Zoe Foster-Blake and more!

NOTE: This post is very photo heavy!
Please comment, link back and credit if taking/sharing – thanks!

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Binge-Worthy Series: Jessica Jones

“New York may be the city that never sleeps, but it sure does sleep around. Not that I’m complaining, cheaters are good for business.” – Jessica Jones

I’ve never been into comic books but I’ve always been into superheros whether it be Sailormoon, Captain Planet, The Power Rangers or The Avengers. I’ve always enjoyed the idea of extraordinary people standing out, often as an outcast,  doing courageous and remarkable things. Usually for the greater good or out of love for someone or something.

That’s probably why Jessica Jones caught my interest. The tough, sassy anti-hero on a quest for redemption may have been done a thousand times before but boy does Jessica do it well.

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My Favourite Five: Songs From Galavant

I recently discovered the musical comedy series that is Galavant – and I was immediately hooked! With the winning combination of music, song, dance, costume, comedy, drama, plot, Timothy Omundson eye candy and Disney‘s Alan Menken at the reins, how could it be wrong? There has never been a Favourite Five more difficult than this one – because there are just so many brilliant songs to choose from! But I managed to get it down to five.


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