Talkin’ ‘Bout Shaun’s New Show

What: …. that’s a secret
When: 7th October 2017
Where: Docklands Studios, Melbourne

I was lucky enough to nab tickets to see the first recording of Shaun Micallef’s new *coughrebootcough* show this past weekend. And while we were asked to keep things quiet, we didn’t sign anything so legally I’m allowed to but I will just drop some hints … even though, it appears there’s already been quite a bit of press on it already >


Firstly, you may see differences in set and teams as well. Shaun now has a beard (and looks even more ravishing than he did previously!) Now for the captains … X is the mother/writer of 2015’s Now Add Honey. Y is not Hamish Blake. and Z, I’m not quite sure who he was … if you know of any young Lawrence’s you may know who he is … And guest stars, well, X is the perfect Eddie, Y a blonde keen to Get Krack!n, and Z recently had some Puberty Blues.

It was all about tractor’s, tongues, unicorns and pigs! There’s also a new theme song and a game of emoticons, but many game favourites as quick as, yo-gen, endgame and the magic window returns too.

Let’s leave it at that.

Also, some other fun facts:

  • Family Feud is moving states
  • Mad as Hell will return for another season
  • TAYG will have an eight episode run
  • Two episodes will be filmed every weekend over four weeks
  • The show will end sometime next year
  • There is no word on whether or not the meerkat will make an appearance

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