Binge-Worthy Series: Jessica Jones

“New York may be the city that never sleeps, but it sure does sleep around. Not that I’m complaining, cheaters are good for business.” – Jessica Jones

I’ve never been into comic books but I’ve always been into superheros whether it be Sailormoon, Captain Planet, The Power Rangers or The Avengers. I’ve always enjoyed the idea of extraordinary people standing out, often as an outcast,  doing courageous and remarkable things. Usually for the greater good or out of love for someone or something.

That’s probably why Jessica Jones caught my interest. The tough, sassy anti-hero on a quest for redemption may have been done a thousand times before but boy does Jessica do it well.

Spoiler alert: I think I have found a new sassy role model! Move over Miranda from Sex and The City. Though I doubt I will ever gain super human strength or the ability to jump extremely high and gracefully. Oh well, there’s always sarcasm and moodiness to practice… or I could hone my photography skills and open my own Private Eye practice, now that would be interesting. Though I’m not sure if I would be comfortable with a broken door and not being able to afford rent, if the way Jessica runs her business is anything to go by. What? Oh, sorry, got a bit distracted there. Back to the show. Here are the pros and cons to consider before getting hooked on a series  yet to release season 2:


  • Extra human strength comes in handy for Jessica. She gets to defend herself and others in situations where mere mortals would be flattened or, you know, beaten to a pulp. Definitely one for the pro list. Plus locked doors? No problem.
  • There is more to Jessica Jones than meets the eye. She comes across resourceful, stubborn, indifferent to others and without any great conscience. A survivor. You can’t help but wonder: what’s she hiding? Will she unravel and self destruct? Can she sink any lower?
  • Krysten Ritter gets screen time with the charismatic David Tennant… though the fact his character is a bit of an obsessive stalker with mind control powers isn’t great. But hey, ever story needs a villain and he is a very interesting and multi-layered one. You can’t help but be intrigued by and drawn to him and, with a name like Kilgrave, you can bet he has some issues.


  • Extra human strength can mean some pretty pricey repairs to be had when you’re angry and drunk. Which is pretty common with Jessica. So if you’re against alcohol and violence you might want to stick with something more G rated like Madeline.
  • She’s spent time with Kilgrave before leaving her with flashbacks (represented with a cool purple tinge to them) and some kind of PTSD which drives her to alcohol.
  • Being a Private Eye with an attitude doesn’t make you very popular or get you a steady stream of clients. So that would suck.
  • While the Jessica-Obsessed Kilgrave is charming and captivating, the multitude of innocent victims who fall under his control is not. The stuff people to do to others and themselves under his instruction is at times confronting and… well… icky.
  • Jessica’s negativity can be a bit of a downer at times. Especially when she keeps saying she’s no hero. *eye roll* Wake up Jessica! But on the flip side of her negativity we do get her strong and stubborn BFF talk show host Trish Walker who acts as Jessica’s very own cheerleader to try and boost her morale and save us from being sucked into Jessica’s doom and gloom outlook.

I’m sure there’s heaps more I could add to the list but that would risk giving away some details you really should discover for yourself. Go on. Watch it. I dare you.

Not convinced? Wanna see a trailer? Here you go:

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