My Favourite Five: Jessica Chastain Roles

I’m one of the many people who confuse Jessica Chastain with Bryce Dallas-Howard. Now that I know who she is and have seen more of her movies I can see the differences a little more and am definitely a Chastain fan. Here are five roles I think she shines in:

5.) The Martian (Melissa Lewis)

As the commander of the space mission, Melissa Lewis is a strong leader. She does her best to follow protocol and keep her team safe and on track. When Mark Watney is lost on Mars her instinct is to go after him in the storm. But for the safety of the rest of her team and herself they have to leave him. It is only when he is discovered alive that she starts to realise the only way they can bring him home is to go rogue.

4.) Mama (Annabel)

Annabel sports the grunge/rock look with short dark hair, dark makeup and tatts. Quite the change if you are used to seeing her as a red head. She is a strong character who goes against the naturally maternal and nurturing stereotype a lot of women are assumed to have built into their genetic makeup. While she doesn’t really want an instant family it doesn’t stop her from trying to do the right thing and keep the girls safe.

3.) The Help (Celia Foote)

Every story needs an oppressor. A catalyst to fight against. And Celia plays that role perfectly as a spoiled and uptight socialite with a biased and unequal view on human rights and decency. She is not a character who draws any sympathy. She’s not supposed to. Instead you can’t help but laugh at her reactions when things don’t go her way and roll your eyes when she tries to go on a power trip.

2.) The Huntsman: Winter’s War (Sara)

Trained as a huntsman from an early age Sara is tough and has skills that rival those of any of the male huntsman. She is no damsel in distress. When she’s not trying to work alone or holding a stubborn grudge against Eric (Hemsworth) she makes a great team player against the warring queens.

1.) Crimson Peak (Lucille Sharpe)

Lucille Sharpe is a guarded soul with depth and cunning, strength of will and plenty of screwed up childhood moments that have shaped her this way. With one look from her you know she has a plan and plenty of motive to follow through. While she would be an interesting ally to have, she is severely unstable with her emotions and not someone you would want to get offside. Ever.

And, now that the list is done, I’ll just leave this here for you to enjoy. Here’s Bryce Dallas-Howard lip-syncing to I am not Jessica Chastain –  the musical. I love that Jessica posted this on her Instagram. It never gets old.

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