My Favourite Five: Songs From Galavant

I recently discovered the musical comedy series that is Galavant – and I was immediately hooked! With the winning combination of music, song, dance, costume, comedy, drama, plot, Timothy Omundson eye candy and Disney‘s Alan Menken at the reins, how could it be wrong? There has never been a Favourite Five more difficult than this one – because there are just so many brilliant songs to choose from! But I managed to get it down to five.


5. Jackass In A Can

4. If I Were a Jolly Blacksmith

I would say this is one of the lesser popular songs – but the part about hitting the thing on the other thing part makes me laugh so hard! King Richard in this just melts my heart.

3. I Don’t Like You

So. Damn. Good.

… and catchy! Very very catchy!

2. My Dragon Pal and Me

I love you, Tad Cooper.

1. A New Season

Count the references. Such a clever way to recap the characters and plot first season.

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