My Favourite Five: Songs From Eurovision 2017

Here’s my favourite five songs from Eurovision 2017. I also want to give a shout out to the entries from Hungary, Sweden and France. I thought Hungary was incredibly catchy – even though I don’t understand a word of it! Sweden took me back to the my elated boy band days of the 90s (fangirliness occurred) and France takes the award for favourite female performance on the night. Congrats also to Isaiah from Australia placing ninth and another fellow Aussie, Anja (representing Denmark) as well.

5 My Friend (Croatia) by Jacques Houdek
It’s weird, wild and crazy! I don’t understand it – but I love it! Is he singing to his split personality? Is this the friend he is referring to? Either way, it was different and I love a larger than life flamboyant man!

4 Grab the Moment (Norway) by JOWST
It’s catchy, I love the creative camera work with the graphics, and there’s a nod to Star Wars in the costumes – I like it!

3 Beautiful Mess (Bulgaria) by Kristian Kostov
It has those boy band/power ballad vibes – which I love!

2 Yodel It! (Romania) by Ilinca and Alex Florea
When I think of Romania, I think of that classic Harry Potter line – My brother Charlie is in Romania. He studies dragons there! and now this song! Who knew rap and yodeling could pair so well together?! Even though Eurovision is constantly changing, I’m still a big fan of kitschy Eurovision songs.

1 Hey Mamma (Moldova) by SunStroke Project
There’s something really fun about this song and I instantly loved it. It doesn’t have that same impact when I watch it online (perhaps I need the big screen) but I love how catchy it is, the fun dance moves and the clever use of saxophone.


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