My Favourite Five: Zombie Themed Comedies

Sometimes all you need is a little comedy and some zombie mayhem to get you through the day. Here are five movies that gel the comedy and gore quite nicely:

5.) Fido (2006)

Thanks to radiation from space no one who dies stays dead in this 1950s  universe and headless funerals are the only way to make sure your relatives don’t come back as zombies. The good news? If they do rise again you can domesticate them with a collar and have them serve you. How creepy. While Fido has subtle humour it is more of a sentimental zombie movie that sees Billy Connolly relying heavily on body language for his non speaking role as a boy’s pet zombie/only friend Fido.

4.) Dance of The Dead (2008)

With ridiculous fight scenes, awkward misunderstandings, cliched teachers and zombies that like stoner music Dance of The Dead will remind you of a perky American high school movie meshed with an 80s overacted zombie flick.

3.) Warm Bodies

With the trailer making it seem like just another spoof movie Warm Bodies was surprisingly good. It ticks the boxes with everything a zombie comedy should have; gore (but not over the top), cheesy zombie moments and stereotypes, likable characters and a sentimental/redeemable side to the story.

2.) Shaun of The Dead

With British humour and a clueless, every day kind of hero what’s not to love?

1.) Zombieland

Teaming up with other survivors to navigate a zombie run world is not a new concept at all, in fact it seems to be the first thing they teach you in Zombie 101. But when you have a mix of characters that gel perfectly together as a “rag-tag” team you have the makings of an enjoyable zombie comedy.

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