My Favourite Five: Songs That Motivate

Whether you’re in a particular mood or looking for something that you can relate to, music can be a great place to turn. With so many songs around, music is always there for you, even when no one else is. It can give you a sense of comfort, energy or background companionship while you carry on with your day. It can pick you up, make you dwell or give you a way to grieve. It can even motivate you to keep going; either in general or during a task you are less than thrilled about *cough* housework and exercise *cough*

Here are five songs that work for me. Even if we have completely different tastes in music I hope this list at least gets you thinking about your own musical motivators:

5.) I’m Not Giving Up – Delta Goodrem

The title pretty much says it all. Boppy and empowering with some great advice mixed into the lyrics, this is one song I have recently fallen in love with (along with the whole album). It’s great for those down days where you can’t help but think “what’s the point?”

4.) Hold My Hand – Jess Glynne

“Break my bones but you won’t see me fall. The rising tide will rise against them all.”

Can anyone say jogging song? Actually this would be good for any kind of exercise. “I’m ready for this, there’s no denying…” could be great motivation towards a fitness goal. Just saying. *crickets* moving on…

3.) Dog Days Are Over – Florence & The Machine

I am a Florence & The Machine fan so pretty much any of their songs are going to get me dancing around the house. Dog Days Are Over has such a good build up to a fast paced chorus and some great lyrical imagery. So catchy!

2.) Hero – Jessie J

“I don’t need no hero, I can save myself.”

Ugh. So many great things about this song. I can’t decide which I love more, the beat or the words themselves. Either way, this one is great to get you moving and feeling pretty unstoppable. Seems like it should be an anthem for something… that might just be me though.

1.) Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself –  Jess Glynne

It’s so easy to get caught up in criticising yourself and dwelling on things you’ve done or haven’t done. So much so, that you sometimes can’t see the bigger picture. This song is a great reminded that, hey, life isn’t perfect, forgive yourself, let go, move on. And while the lyrics will have you moving on, the beat will get you moving along. I can picture this being a pretty good vacuuming song.

It’s lists like these that are hard to narrow down to just five! I have heaps more that I could title drop (is that even a phrase?) but alas, I have counted down from five so I shall leave it there… *cough* Bon Jovi It’s My Life *cough*

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