My Favourite Five: Drew Barrymore Movies

With so many funny and sweet movies to choose from it was hard to narrow this list down to just five. I decided the only way I could trim the list would be to exclude the movies she did as a child actor. Sorry ET and Fire Starter fans but they won’t be in this list. Here are five of my favourite Drew Barrymore movies. I could easily have listed more.

5.) Never Been Kissed

I think everyone with a traumatic or less than perfect high school memories will relate to this movie and wish they could have a do over or second chance… that and still pass for a teenager as an adult. Drew plays a lovable dork so well you can’t help but stick with her right to the end.

4.) Miss You Already

Jess is the loyal, supportive, no nonsense best friend every girl should have in their life. Drew teaming up with Toni Collette is just fantastic. So much heart in one film that it will both lift you up and break your heart all at once.

3.) Ever After

I love this adaptation of Cinderella. And I think Drew’s performance is a big part of the reason why.

2.) Charlie’s Angels

How could I not include Charlie’s Angels in this list? It’s got a bit of everything, action, plot twists and sub-plots, fight scenes, friendship and goofiness.

1.) The Wedding Singer

I can’t decide if it’s the character Drew plays, the story itself or the onscreen chemistry between Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler that makes this movie so enjoyable. Or maybe it’s the idea of an adorable elderly lady paying for singing lessons with meatballs that ties it all together.

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