My Favourite Five: Charlize Theron Roles

Charlize Theron, she seems to be everywhere lately. With a string of well known movie titles under her belt (including Mad Max: Fury Road and The Huntsman: Winter’s War) there’s a good chance you have seen her in more than one role. Here are five roles I couldn’t picture anyone else doing quite as well:

5.) Aileen Wuornos: Monster

As a prostitute who turns into a serial killer there is something oddly mesmerising about Aileen (Lee). Despite her erratic mood swings and tendency towards alcohol and violence she has a lot of optimism and confidence going for her. And even though her view of the world comes across a little skewed with a childlike naivety you can’t help but sympathise and hope for the best as you watch her life derail.

4.) Stella Bridger: The Italian Job

Cool, calm (most of the time) and can crack a safe at record speed, Stella makes for a perfect addition to an all boys club ensemble of thieves. The fact that she can skilfully race a mini cooper through the streets and stand her ground in an argument makes her a fairly strong role model (you know, if you forget about the whole heist/thief part of the story).

3.) Karen Jennings: Trapped

I love this movie. There’s something about Karen that makes you care about whether she makes it through to the end of the movie or not. She’s resourceful. She’s cunning. She’s caring and loyal.

2.) Mary Ann Lomax: The Devil’s Advocate

I can’t decide if it’s the chemistry Theron has with Keanu Reeves in this movie or how well her character unravels that makes Mary Ann interesting to watch. Perhaps it’s both. Either way I can’t picture too many Hollywood beauties being able to swing from supportive wife to unhinged and frightened quite like Theron manages to.

1.) Ravenna/Queen Ravenna: Snow White and The Huntsman/The Huntsman: Winter’s War

A power mad and beauty obsessed villain, Ravenna commands the attention of movie audiences from the very first time she appears onscreen and she does it without succumbing to the predictable and tiresome evil queen stereotype.

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