Thoughts on Edge of Tomorrow (2014)

I am not a huge Tom Cruise fan. I generally find him annoying. He comes across arrogant, controlling and prone to weird publicity stunts and media stories. (*cough* couch incident *cough*) BUT, all that aside, the man can act. So, being an Emily Blunt fan since The Devil Wears Prada, I finally decided to give Edge of Tomorrow a chance. And you know what? For a military version of Groundhog Day it isn’t too bad.

At first Major Bill Cage (Cruise) is an over confident, smarmy, major pain in the behind. Which, naturally, had me feeling pretty damn happy whenever he was reprimanded or failed to get his way. But, as with nearly every action flick, the disdain towards the hero was short lived. Pretty soon I was watching with a curious interest as Cage kept trying, failing, resetting his day (aka dying one way or another) and trying all over again, all the more wiser and skilled than the time before. Gotta love a man who picks himself back up in times of alien-fuelled  mayhem while still managing to look sincere and clean cut.

While Cruise certainly gives the movie a strong focal point and plenty of charm, I feel Emily Blunt’s performance as Rita Vrataski was the scene stealer . She’s awesome. Not only is she a strong soldier skilled in tactics and combat but she never once has to wear overly skimpy outfits or treat her femininity  as a weakness or defense to be a notable character. How refreshing in a world where “damsel in distress” and “sex sells” are peddled constantly. She suits up like the rest of the men and proves her worth without resorting to episodes of tomboy rage or emotional manipulation.

So in conclusion, because apparently all reviews need one of some sort, if you are a Tom Cruise or Emily Blunt fan or a general military-themed action flick junkie (wow, that was a mouthful) Edge of Tomorrow might be right up your alley… or street if you don’t live near any alleyways.

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