Flashback Friday: Deceived (1991)

Like most people, when I think ‘Goldie Hawn movie’ I think Comedy. So I was surprised to find she had released a thriller and curious to see just how much range her talent had. While some movies from the 90s are hit and miss with keeping my attention, I must say, Deceived did extremely well. While some aspects were fairly predictable it was still well shot and put together, with just the right amount of suspense mixed into it.

The only criticism of Goldie I have (and really, it’s very minor) is that at times her gasps and screams are a bit over the top. But, aside from that, she portrays a compelling and strong character who carries the story effortlessly forward no matter what she discovers along the way. But I am getting ahead of myself, let’s back up to the beginning.

For those who are yet to see it, or who haven’t seen it in years, Deceived follows the story of  Adrienne Davis (Goldie Hawn) as she makes her way through a sea of umbrellas to a blind date. After realising her potential match is a no show her disappointment is quickly forgotten as she makes eye contact with the intriguing art dealer Jack Saunders (John Heard). As with most “love at first sight” encounters it doesn’t take long for a relationship to ensue. Fast forward five or six years and she is Mrs Saunders; happily married to the man of her dreams and celebrating their daughter Mary’s (Ashley Peldon) birthday. Awww. How perfect. But obviously not for long, right?

Right. I won’t go into great detail but let’s just say in connection to some counterfeit art/artifacts things start to unravel and accusations start flying. And when threads get pulled in search for the truth it isn’t long before things soon spiral, leaving Adrienne to pick up the pieces of her shattered reality, channel her inner Nancy Drew and go searching for Jack’s origin story. No matter how dark or disturbing things get.

As I mentioned, Deceived has its predictable moments and is certainly not the most original story out there, but if you are a fan of Goldie Hawn, or John Heard (who I kept mixing up with Ryan O’Neal for some reason), and are drawn to  artsy scenes and careful lighting then you may get something out of it. If nothing else you will at least get to see Goldie go through a bunch of different emotions throughout the movie. Perhaps there’s a drinking game in that?

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