Interviews with Gareth Keegan, Erin Clare and Brian Mannix from We Will Rock You


Here is part one from the group interviews at the WWRY media call.

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GARETH Keegan and ERIN ClareGalileo and Scaramouche

Gareth and Erinon what it’s like being part of the show
Gareth “It’s like basically doing a rock star every night for three hours. So, you get ready, become a rock star, then go home and have a cup of tea. It’s the best of both worlds.”
Erin “Yeah, you’ve definitely got the discipline of music theatre, and then the absolute fun and freedom of running around being ridiculous.”

Gareth and Erinon revisions to the show regarding social media
Gareth “It’s actually a lot more current then when it was back when it was written.
Erin “Social media has just taken over the way we communicate with each other – that was the fear and the premise in 2003 – and now it’s never been more prevalent than it is now.”
Gareth “The good thing about theatre is that you have to turn your phones off. Whereas if you go to a rock concert, people are watching through their ipads. That’s the beauty of theatre – people have to turn their phones off and they have to be present – that’s one thing that’ll always be the same.”

Gareth and Erinon how different states react to the show
Erin “They’re very loud in Brisbane. Brissy are notorious for interjections and heckling – but like in a cool way. They’re very welcoming. Melbourne’s been good for the first week of previews – big laughs – they’ve been receptive to it. Nothing beats when we look out in We Are The Champions and you see everyone in the audience waving their arms – it’s just the most special feeling. In not many shows, you can see when the audience are on board, and this is a visual representation that, ‘yep, we’re doing this.’They found a pair of undies in Brisbane in the stalls. We did our job, I guess.”
Gareth “Yep, it’s proper rock n roll!”

Garethon what he’s enjoyed the most about playing Galileo
“What I’ve enjoyed is bringing my own, a little bit angrier, a bit more dangerous Galileo to it. It’s very cathartic to put your feelings into every show. Every shows different – if I’m pissed off at the world, that’s how Galileo is. If I’m feeling cheeky, that’s how Galileo is that night.

With WWRY everyone knows these songs and everyone understands that it’s about individuality. So when we go out there, we’re not trying to be Freddie [Mercury], we’re not trying to be anyone else. We have to be us with the character as well. That’s the best thing – it’s so freeing to sing these songs. There’s so many people out there – and you hear them cheer. Some people would have seen [Queen] in concert so to bring those memories back for them is the best feeling!”

Gareth on the diverse audience member age appeal
Gareth “I think the youngest might have been 8 that I saw in the audience that came after side stage. One of the band members throws his drum sticks to kids in the audience, and they’ll remember that forever.

We’ve got people 90 years old standing up [and] clapping. It was amazing. He was right at the back. He stood up. That’s what’s been good about this. It’s a really broad musical. It’s  like Mad Max, the band Queen and the Young Ones all got a bit freaky and nine months later, a musical was born.”


BRIAN MannixBuddy

Brianon playing the comedic, light-hearted role
“Gareth and Erin do most of the heavy lifting and I just get to waltz around – so it’s a great part. I’m loving the show. It’s so much fun! It’s probably the greatest part I’ll ever get in my life [laughs].

I love the songs, I love the script – it’s really funny, and I’ve really enjoyed the comradery hanging around with all the cast and crew. They’re a great bunch of people and we have a lot of fun, so it’s just a real fun time for me. I’m just having a ball!”

Brianon what he’s learnt from working with writer, Ben Elton
“The way you say certain lines and what words you emphasize can really drastically effect whether it’s funny or not – that’s the main thing I’ve learnt. There’s a real science to comedy, comic timing and stuff. He’s a master of it. I love Black Adder and The Young Ones, so what an honour!”

Brianon the obvious similarities between himself and his character
“Yes, it’s not that much of a stretch for me. He’s a little bit stupider than me … but not much. It’s a part I can really relate to his views on the current state of the music [and] his love of rock n roll – so I’m right there with him.”

Brianon how he got into music
“I actually wanted to be a film director but music kind of happened better for me. I realised, working in film, most of the time you’re carrying stuff for somebody else and you’re doing a lot of waiting around. Playing in a band was far more appealing than carrying a tripod, so I’ve played in a band since I was 12, just kept it up and eventually just got a bit lucky.”

Brianon plans to tour with his band, The Uncanny X-Men
“Probably. We’ll maybe do something maybe next year. We would have done a show or two this year but I got this role, so unless they’re going to get JD Fortune to replace me, I think they’ll wait til I get back.”

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