On the We Will Rock You opening night red carpet


Here are some mini interviews Jake and I did on the red carpet on the opening night of We Will Rock You at the Regent Theatre on 1st September, 2016.

For more information and tickets, go to: wewillrockyou.com.au

JANE Bunn – weather presenter on Seven News Melbourne

What is your favourite Queen song?
Maybe a bit of We Will Rock You. I was going through this morning going, “oh, I know that … I know that … I know that” so this is going to be a fantastic, fantastic show. And just already, how much energy?! Yeah – it’s going to be great!

Can we dare you to sing a song or would you rather stick to weather?
[laughs] I’d rather stick to weather.

MICHALA Banas – television actress

Are you excited about seeing the show tonight?
I love Queen, so how could I not be excited by this?!

What are your favourite Queen songs?
We Will Rock You – everyone loves that one. Oh, that’s so difficult.

RHONDA Burchmore – entertainer

Are you excited about seeing the show tonight?
I love the music of Queen and all of those songs – it’s a secret passion of mine.

ANTHONY Calleasinger-songwriter and stage actor

Are you excited about seeing the show tonight?
Absolutely! My old mate Casey [Donovan] and Brian Mannix are in there, so I’m extremely happy to be here tonight and see them do their thing!

JOHN Foreman – music director

You were amazing in Curtains – The Musical by the way …
Thank you – that was a funny show wasn’t it?

It was amazing. Did you know you were going to have to sing before you signed up?
When I saw the script, I was like, “wait a minute … that’s me! I have to sing something!” I loved it, though. I enjoyed it. Did you pick who the murderer was?

I had an idea. Did you?
I read the script and I had no idea.

GARY Mehigan – chef, restaurateur and a judge on MasterChef Australia

Are you excited about seeing the show tonight?
I’m a big fan of Queen and a big Ben Elton fan, so we’ll see how the two go together, shall we? It’ll be interesting. Yeah, fantastic.

Can we get you to sing a song?
No. Absolutely not. I’m a terrible singer – it’ll put everybody off! [laughs]

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