The Cruisin' Country Files – Cruisin' Country No.6 in Photos


Today marked one month since we set sail on board the Legend of the Seas for Cruisin’ Country No.6 – an 8-day cruise celebrating all things country music. So over the next couple of days, I have some photos and interviews that I wish to share.

What: Cruisin’ Country No.6
When: November 13th-21st, 2016

Features: Lyn Bowtell, Adam Brand, Liam Brew, Travis Collins, Beccy Cole, Matt Cornell, Amber Lawrence, Drew McAlister, Shane Nicholson, Libby O’Donovan, Luke O’Shea, Amber Joy Poulton, Jasmine Rae, Melinda Schneider, Aleyce Simmonds, The Toombs Brothers and Felicity Urquhart

For more on the cruise, please visit:

Lyn Bowtell –

Adam BrandFacebook
(with the Outlaws)

Liam Brew –
(with Travis Collins)

Travis CollinsFacebook

(with Libby O’Donovan)

(with Travis Collins)

(with Aleyce Simmonds and Amber Joy Poulton)


(with Felicity Urquhart)

Luke O’Shea
(with Amber Lawrence)


Melinda SchneiderFacebook
(with Beccy Cole)


The Toombs Brothers – Facebook

Felicity UrquhartTwitter

Finale – Group Song

Please link back/credit if taking – thank you so much!

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