An Interview with Casey Marie

Growing up in the mining town of Moranbah in Central Queensland, 19 year old Casey Marie has released the heartfelt single and video for Demons off her 2016 EP of the same name. Through her music and songwriting, she is an advocate for creating more awareness of social issues such as domestic violence, anxiety disorders and depression. She gained success in 2014 with the release of her debut EP When A Man Brings You Down and is set to tour later this year.

What was the inspiration/motivation behind Demons?

Demons was written as kind of a coping mechanism when I was going through the darkest times battling anxiety and depression.

What would you like the listener to get out of the single?

For those that don’t suffer from anxiety and depression, an understanding and awareness. For those that do; the strength to find the support.

Was it a difficult process writing it or did it come to you naturally?

The flow of the song came to me naturally – it was literally written in about 10 minutes. It was like I just had to get all my feelings and emotions out of my head and into the song.

Is there a particular artist that you would love to work with or is an inspiration to you?

I’d really love to one day have the chance to work with Elle King, Gin Wigmore, Sahara Beck, Benny Walker and Sticky Fingers and just for something totally different, I’d love to collaborate on something with Allday.

Has music always been what you wanted to pursue?

Absolutely! A lot of people keep telling me that I need to have a backup plan, but for me, there IS no backup plan – I know that sounds very cliché but it’s always going to be about the music.

Tell us the story behind the creation of the video for Demons

I wanted a visual representation of what it feels like to me when the anxiety & depression hits. Working with Director of Photography and Cinematographer, Peter Szilvester, we worked through the different ways we could represent this in the video. In the end result, the dark room in the house represents the mind – being trapped alone with your demons. Slowly, as you become stronger & are able to deal with and break away from your demons, you can make your way out of the darkness in your mind – this is symbolised in the video by me finally finding my way out of the house & into the brightness of the day.

What’s next for Casey Marie?

What’s next for me is to start my tour in July and then aim to record another EP by the end of the year. I’m also tossing around the idea of doing a course in Sound Engineering next year – working with Anthony Lycenko for the recording of this song has really inspired me to explore other avenues in the music industry.

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