An Interview with Brook Chivell and Natalie Pearson

After a national tour together in 2017, Country Music’s Brook Chivell and Natalie Pearson have teamed up again to release the catchy, feel-good release I Wonder What You Kiss Like. The song debuted at #2 on the iTunes Country Charts, and currently sits at #5 on the KIX Country Radio Charts. The popular music video also sits third in the series continuation, after Pearson’s Mr Wrong and Chivell’s Hot Country Girl.

I Wonder What You Kiss Like was written by Country Music favourites, Kaylee Bell and Nick Wolfe, originally intended to be recorded by The Wolfe Brothers themselves. Considering how different your personal styles are compared to their own, it’s difficult to imagine the song not changing during production. What was the original demo like? And how, if so, did it change?

Natalie: [The demo] was Nick singing. He had a few little piano motifs at the start, which we really liked and we kept for when we took it to production. It had a similar vibe to what it ended up being; we just fleshed it out a lot more. We had a play around with the structure and put some key changes in there, so we could both have a chance to show off our vocal ranges and sit in our sweet spot. Nick really liked the arrangement, and we went from there into the studio.

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An Interview with Brook Chivell

Splitting from his band and relocating interstate has helped define Brook Chivell as an up-and-coming solo artist to watch. After making the finals of Toyota Starmaker in 2017, he toured nationally with fellow country artist Natalie Pearson, as well as releasing his first solo single and its follow up Outta My Song last month. I spoke with Brook about upcoming music, getting dirty and being a fan boy in his own industry.

You were formally the frontman and driving force behind The Brook Chivell Band, releasing singles Drive On, Thrills N Spills and Let’s Stay In around six years ago. What was the reason behind parting as a band and how has that impacted on you as a solo artist? Because even being in the industry for ten years or so now, it must feel a little like starting over?

The main reason for the split was that I moved to Queensland. The distance made it really hard. The band all live in Melbourne and they’ve all got families. For a while we kept it together but it was getting difficult to get everyone together to play gigs. It’s easier for me to do a support gig as a solo artist, purely because I can get up there with a guitar. There’s a great, vibrant country music scene up here. Whereas in Melbourne every time you say ‘country’ it was a dirty word; up here, people love it.

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