An Interview with Hollie Smith


Hollie Smith is one of New Zealand’s most recognisable singer-songwriters. She began her career in her teens, collaborated with some of the industries best, and has had numerous number one singles and albums. She is touring Australia this July. Her current album, Water Or Gold, is out now!

Firstly, what was the idea behind the creatively artistic cover for the album?

The artist, who’s quite well internationally known, is Askew One. He lives in Auckland, New Zealand. He’d done some really beautiful portrait stuff in a recent exhibition. I approached him and asked him if he’d be keen to do the artwork and he was really really excited about it! He goes through this amazing process of layering different colours on flexi glass using this really interesting process. He did a couple of the single artworks as well, [so it] was a real pleasure to have him involved. [It] was all pretty exciting and I’m very lucky!

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