An Interview with Jody Direen


Jody Direen is making big waves in Australia. The New Zealand country music singer/songwriter, who just recently toured with the Wolfe Brothers, moved to Australia and released her third studio album; sat down to talk about touring, lyrics and the importance of fashion.

You were born and raised in New Zealand but recently made the move over to Australia. Welcome to our amazing country. Why the move?

Basically, career opportunities … also the weather (laughs). It’s obviously the next step for me. I’ve been based in New Zealand for the last ten years of my career and I feel like I’ve achieved most of what I’ve wanted to achieve there. The next step was to come over here; and things started happening over here, doors started being opened, I started getting some festival spots and then, obviously, when I signed with ABC, it was kind of a no-brainer.

I feel very at home here now. I’m based in Brisbane at the moment [but] I’m thinking of moving to New South Wales next year. But I’m loving Australia; everyone’s so friendly and helps each other out from what I’ve seen so far anyway.

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