An Interview with Morgan Evans

Morgan Evans has been dubbed as an artist to watch. His debut US single Kiss Somebody recently topped the US country charts, making him only the fourth Australian to reach such momentous feat. The Newcastle born singer-songwriter now lives in Nashville with his pop-country superstar wife, Kelsea Ballerini, and is currently back in Australia on a short promotional tour of his latest self-titled EP.

I first you saw perform at CMC Rocks The Snowys in 2009. I’ve listened from the early days of your debut EP Blue Skies all the way through to your self-titled album release in 2014. So, for those of us who have been following your career, it seems like you’ve been constantly working at it, but to many others it may appear like you were an overnight success. Do you feel like everything has fallen into place and you’re only now just starting to gain some momentum and traction?

For me, it definitely feels like I’ve been doing this a long time, but, at the same time, it also feels like there’s been moments where I [thought] this is the start of something great. I think the first real moment of that here in the US, was when I met my producer Chris DeStefano.

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An Interview With Morgan Evans


I firstly just wanted to congratulate you on your possible Logie nomination.
It’s pretty funny! I think it’s funny anyway. I think it’s awesome but it’s funny! It’s a huge deal. It’s something that’s never even crossed my mind. A friend of mine took a photo of the Sydney Morning Herald article when they announced it and texted it to me. I consider myself a musician and I do the TV stuff for the Country Music Channel obviously but I always considered it in a musical-way rather than a TV-way, I guess.

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