Celebrity Apprentice Recap on S14E9

Celebrity Apprentice Recap on S14E9

PMs: Ian for Infinity vs Kate for Vortex.
The Task: To create an interactive themed environment for Trump National Doral Miami.


Vortex has lost three times – and the other team blames Geraldo. Yes, he was there and he has had a hand in all the creative – but he’s playing the Joan Rivers game. He’s too legendary to fire in Trump’s eyes so he will stick around for a while yet … He’s not a smart strategist as Leeza says.

Oh Donald, we know you don’t wear a wig. You proved that a couple of seasons ago! ^_^ And yay, Don Jr is back! Winning!

When Donald asks who the team wants as their new player – Vivica says Ian. Geraldo says Leeza. Naturally, as I still predict that they will be the final four. It would be silly to put them all on one team because if the team did lose then one of them would go home and that would be a very bad situation. Any who, so Donald sends over Kenya. And can we just pause for a moment and appreciate Brandi’s “OMG! We’ve got rid of the devil!” quote about Kenya?! The. Best.

So let’s get to the task:

  • Vortex comes up with a “Little Shop” theme with the blue monster being their mascot. Geraldo comes up with the monster – yet Kenya doesn’t think it is luxurious enough. Fair call, I’m with you Kenya.
  • Ian repeats his speech from Episode 5. Although, now he claims that if he’s successful it will bring him a seat closer to God.  Umm … okay!
  • Ian – ” I will throw someone under the bus and it should be no surprise because they got the bus schedule. Oh snap! It would crush me if I found out that someone writes his dialogue because it’s just too damn funny!
  • I also enjoyed the “German train station – everything was right on time!” line. Go Ian!
  • Leeza and Brandi snigger over Ian’s “gold pole” opportunities – or as Brandi puts it “gold rob”. *Snigger Gold Rod*
  • Don’t worry Vivica, we’ve all seen the two sides of Kenya too!
  • I thought Ian’s ideas to have a picture book was great! I also liked the use of the flowers. Any bets Ian throws Johnny under the bus for not being able to get a golf expert.
  • Brandi says Ian’s downfall will be his inability to listen to others opinions. This may be true or maybe it won’t be.
  • Geraldo was drunk throughout this episode of Blue Monster Cocktails. Woohoo!
  • Kenya disapproves of her teams set – I believe she said that the set looks crap! I have those fake candles and they cost me $1. I’m pretty sure the Trumps don’t have $1 candles in their luxurious hotel. I feel like Infinity have this in the bag!
  • Brandi says she was up all night studying. That looks really bad of Ian!
  • Ian I would like to see you pull a magician out of a hat! That sounds impressive!

Now, let’s talk about the Boardroom:

  • I predict if Infinity loses Johnny goes home. If Vortex loses then Kate goes home.
  • Brandi wins my vote for best dressed in the Boardroom tonight. Followed by Don Jr – just because he always looks good in my opinion! ^_^
  • And to no ones surprise – well, maybe except Kate – Vortex loses. Eric says it wasn’t even close. Burn.
  • Ooh look at Kenya, bringing out the lies! She’s fighting hard for her life! I definitely hear a lot of I, I, I. There is no I in team, Kenya. But she didn’t do anything wrong to lose the task so surely she can’t be sent home. It doesn’t work like that. But Kenya, you’re going after the wrong person. Vivica is not going to be sent home. And it’s unlikely you will either.
  • Oh Donald, you cut Kate off again. Every. Single. Episode.
  • Geraldo’s quote on having a strong wife and three strong daughters. Gold!
  • Ooh cue catfight #2 of the season!
  • Vivica thinks Kenya has a fake badonkadonk. Thanks to Trace Adkins for teaching me what this is. It always reminds me of grandma’s and britches. Google it, people!
  • Geraldo looks terrified! He should have had a couple of Blue Monster’s before entering the Boardroom! PS. can someone please find me the recipe? Thanks.
  • And then after all the fighting, Donald fires Kate – and she seems pretty shocked. Sorry Kate, I could have warned you. You were doomed from the very beginning. You played well kid, but you were never going to win. But hey, I loved your pink coat!

Until next week! x

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