The Amazing Race Recap on S26E6

The Amazing Race Recap on S26E6


  • Definitely no love between Hayley and Blair!
  • 9am to 1pm is a big difference to start the leg.
  • Jeff and Jackie are so cute together .. when they don’t fight that is.
  • Hayley and Blair are trying not to fight today … yes, we shall see how they go.
  • You’d hate to be on the 8.45pm flight! Happy for Mike and Rochelle to get on the flight ahead of the other teams. That’s a BIG jump! Last to first! Funny that everyone thinks that Mike and Rochelle are last even though they’re first. Sucks for Matt and Ashley to get tickets to the wrong flight. Probably should have double checked the tickets :\
  • Haha “big man!” about Steve
  • Ooh I want wine when I go to a shop!
  • Jackie looks lovely in her dress. I think Ashley does too – even if she doesn’t.
  • Ooh Jeff and Jackie kiss – Laura and Tyler are disgusted haha.
  • I always thought Grace Kelly was a man :\ Oops.
  • I want to travel in style too :\
  • Monaco looks so lovely.
  • Good thing that the ladies treating their men aren’t running around in heels.
  • Aly has some bad tan lines!
  • Tyler asking the bus driver for directions – that’s funny!
  • “Kickin’ back on a yacht” ahh that’s the Monaco life.
  • Hayley looks hilarious running (well walking) around in her fancy wear. Out of everyone, she deserves to give something back to her partner for how she’s been acting.
  • Caramel chocolates are popular today!
  • I love Rochelle’s silver cardi.
  • Jenny takes treating her man as treating herself with chocolates. Haha. Good lady. As does Jackie.
  • Mike is really lost! From first to last? Nope still 2nd.
  • Ooh Phil looks suave at the Casino Monte Carlo
  • Such an awesome way to “choose” a detour via a roulette table. “Win By A Nose” makes me think of horses .. I’m very wrong though.
  • Laura and Jenny, that’s no way to show your men love. Hayley was nice for once though.
  • Smart of Laura to steal Jenny’s map. Hardyhardyhaha Jenny and Jelani!
  • I want some nice chocolates.
  • “Magdalena and Hayes in Monaco”? …
  • There’s something really amusing about racing in their fancy wear. It looks odd.
  • Ah “Win By A Nose” makes sense now – perfume!
  • Go Mike and Rochelle in the lead! Lovely!
  • “Don’t Slack Off” as in taking a zip line is by far the cooler detour. Scary but cool!
  • Jelani wtf is “yaya” as you go down the zip?
  • Haha Aly is Cinderella and keeps loosing her shoes. They don’t look comfy.
  • Damn I wanted to see Hayley on the zip line!
  • Walking across that zip line is what the Amazing Race is all about. Those are the kind of things you don’t do everyday and that is why it’s one of the coolest shows to be on. Period. It’s a dream.
  • Ashley is brave keeping her eyes closed on the zip line!
  • Wow that perfume lady has some mad smelling skills!
  • Tyler thinks their perfume “smells like a million bucks” – not on leg 6 though, buddy!
  • Eww the imagine of Jeff shitting his pants on the zip line I will never get out of my head! :\
  • Clearly the teams that got “Don’t Slack Off” got the better/faster detour fo su’
  • I hope this episode is titled “Hasta La Vista Grass”
  • Oh no I jinxed Mike as going from first to last … oops. Sorry!
  • Hayley and Blair certainly are getting along this leg. Let us hope this lasts for the rest of the race. Can’t say the same for Jenny and Jelani.
  • Ooh who is going to make the mat at what time?!
  • Jeff’s bright orange bow tie is funny!
  • Blair still has his roses at the mat. So lovely.
  • Wow “Blair and Hayley are team #1!” I don’t know if they’d want to go on this African trip together though if they keep fighting!
  • I guess the “Don’t Slack Off” teams really didn’t have the advantage due to them getting so lost on the way to the mat. Just goes to show you, ay. You never never know.
  • Laura and Tyler both don’t kiss and tell. Phil stop trying to get people to make out on the mat.
  • Oh no not Jeff and Jackie! That’s sad 😥 I hope they stay together. That’s so sweet of Jackie to give him her number – note the sarcasm haha.

Until next time!

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