Recap of Survivor: Worlds Apart S30E10

Recap of Survivor: Worlds Apart S30E10


  • Rodney wants to “get Mike out right now” even though he’s not smart enough to check if Mike is nearby. What I don’t understand is the target on Rodney that he has flipped when Dan and Sierra would be a part of it too. I know Rodney is the instigator but Mike is very targeted on Rodney. Tyler is keen to take up the offer as they got the biggest threat, Joe, out of the game.
  • Mike “Gotta do a lot of work starting today” to save himself.
  • Ooh I love a good Survivor food auction!
  • Straight off the bat, Will bids $100 for a covered item – something that he predicts is “probably grilled ass or something” to everyone’s amusement. Under the closh is a note which says that Will has bought himself out of the auction and must return to camp with nothing. Jenn feels terrible about this as she too bid for the item.
  • Shirin doesn’t want to fight for an advantage in the game so she bids $300 for waffles and fired chicken. Jenn buys an $100 cocktail, Sierra pays $100 for some kebabs and Rodney spends $100 on a steak and what looks to be a glass of red wine.
  • Dan, Mike and Carolyn agree to hold on to their money to bid on the advantage. Jeff sweetens the deal by offering letters from home. Shirin explains that in previous seasons whatever the bid is others can buy for the same amount. Sierra bids $20 and everyone else follows suit – except Dan, Mike and Carolyn. They talk about it for a bit and agree to spend the $20.
  • Going up to give Jeff the $20, Mike says “Why would I displace trust?” and insists Dan goes behind him to hand in the money. Then Mike changes his mind and sits back down. Carolyn, disgusted, gets back up and asks for her money to be handed back and gives back her letter from home. Mike can’t live with himself and pays the $20 with Carolyn as well.
  • Wow so Dan does have a heart! Day 2 was the day of his wedding anniversary. The tears says it all. Mike, on the other hand, won’t even spend $20 for a letter from home. I mean yes it is a game and yes not spending the $20 could win him the million at the end but not many players would sink so low. Although if I were in his shoes, I’m unsure what I would do in that situation – although I’d love photos of my cute furbabies too!
  • Mike, Dan and Carolyn all give $480 for the opportunity of winning the advantage. Dan takes the win! The win is that he gets another vote at Tribal Council. “Like I bought the golden ticket,” he cheers.
  • ^ This is how I’d like the vote to go, everyone votes for Mike – including Dan who plays his extra vote to secure the win but then Mike plays his Idol and Rodney goes home. This, I dream. Also, it saves Jenn from going home.
  • Will, back at camp on his lonesome, finds a note waiting for him. He opens the map which leads him to a buried box with enough rations to last him to the end of the game. He explains that it’s “better to give rather than receive” and decides to share the findings with his tribe.
  • Upon returning to camp, Mike displays paranoia from exhaustion ruining what should have been a happy moment for the tribe to read their letters from home. This leads to Mike being outed from the alliance as now everyone wants to try to get him out. Dan thinks Mike is over the deep end – leading to Rodney saying how he wants to “better him with my mind and wit”. Yeah … good luck Rodney!
  • Later, Mike and Jenn smell distrust and thinks that Will is not being completely dishonest with the tribe. Mike thinks there’s more to the story as where is the box the food came in then? Will finds out and goes off at the tribe for questioning his integrity for his generous gift. He aims his frustrations at Shirin, which turns into nasty personal attacks going as far to say that there’s “no one in the United States who misses you right now: Also God is brought up and a number of other uncalled for attacks.
  • Poor Shirin is shown crying as no one steps in to defend and/or help her during the attack. Jenn’s reaction to camera is “these people suck so bad” so she plans to stuck around to fuck things up for the core alliance of six.
  • Upon entering the immunity challenge, Will proposes to sit out of the challenge so he can have his letter from home. Jeff agrees as long as all other contestants agree with the decision. Shirin raises her hand concluding that Will will join the challenge and not get a letter from home. That’s karma, bitch. Will begs “family is more important than money” but Shirin’s reasoning is “that’s the way the game works” as he took the way out of the challenge earlier.
  • Personally, I thought, why would anyone say no to allowing Will to get his letter but I truly believe that she wouldn’t have said anything if not for the fight earlier. I believe it was all about karma and still being hurt from earlier comments. Too right.
  • The immunity challenge looks pretty cool, I must say! It doesn’t look hard in some ways but it does in other. But how funny is it when Dan drops it?! Oh the comedy!
  • Mike does good in the challenge “I needed it” he explains on his win. He hugs Shirin right away. Jenn cheers. I think this says a lot about his new alliance – although, he is still at the bottom of the foodchain in terms of numbers.
  • “Bring your popcorn – it’s going to be the best tribal ever” – Will
  • Oh god, we see another appearance of Mike’s happy dance. Please stop.
  • Mike now has the necklace and an Idol hidden in his back pocket. He’s going to need it. It’s good that he hasn’t told anyone about it because Blue would try and force it out and it would change up the game. It’s better to keep it secret and blindside.
  • Will says how Shirin has “No Soul. No Worth” and he wants to vote her out. Harsh. Very harsh.
  • The outer alliance set their sights on Carolyn. Mike tries to rope Dan in. He says to his alliance that whatever decision he makes will be on his own terms as he’s the swing vote. It’s a position he hoped never to be in. Mike really makes a good case to win Dan over. It’s very well spoken and you can tell that he would do well at pledging his case to the jury at the end of the show – if he was to make it. Mike says he’s blue strong and still wants to sit with Dan and Sierra at the end. Mike also frowns on Will attacking a 29-year-old-Shirin and points out how Dan has always considered Rodney to be kind of crazy. It comes down to making a million dollar decision or a million dollar mistake tonight for Dan.
  • With Mike trying to rope in Dan, Jenn says to camera “dumb as a box of rocks, my game is in the fate of the dumbasses hands” Brilliant! Carolyn too says how Dan has not proven himself to be smart in the game. Ouch.
  • Dan chopping the head off the fish – eww!
  • Hailey looks very nice at Tribal tonight. Joe looks the same as always.
  • Will once again picks on Shirin. She cries. Then laughs. We get an incite into her family history, which doesn’t affect Will at all and he continues to insult her. I have no lost all respect for him. I used to like him but no more. Clearly he has been spending too much time with Rodney – and perhaps Dan as well. Such a pig headed move. Ugh.
  • Sierra says that the tribe is “world’s apart” and how there’s 9 individuals now playing the game. Mike points out that Dan and Sierra are 5th and 6th in the alliance of 6.
  • Does Tyler ever talk? Does he only sit, smirk and look evil?
  • Rodney’s speech – Wow. I’m with Jeff. Wow.
  • It’s not about making it to the end it’s “how you get to the end and who you put over [in the jury] – Dan
  • NO!!!!!!!!!!! Not Jenn! I wanted her to stay/win. The vote goes 9 for Jenn, 3 for Shirin and one for Carolyn. I’m unsure why Mike and Shirin voted for Jenn, I can only imagine that she once again asked to be voted out. One moment she wants to stay, the next she wants to go. I can’t keep up. It confuses me so!
  • Jenn tells everyone to “play nice” and at the very end tells of how “a lot of people suck” haha. Surprisingly, she also hugs Shirin on the way out. Go figure. Maybe a friendship did form there after all.

Until next week!

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