The Amazing Race Recap on S26E7

The Amazing Race Recap on S26E7


  • Wow, only 6 teams remain! … that was fast!
  • Ooh Matt and Ashley’s “title” says engaged now. I never watch opening titles so it’s probably been like that for a while but I just caught it. Way to be different, guys!
  • Laura and Tyler think Monaco has been the prettiest spot they’ve stopped at – and does it ever look pretty! Wow.
  • Only 23 minutes between the first (12.35am) and last (12.58am) teams to leave the pit stop. That’s a pretty tight race! Not that it seems to really matter as they’ve all caught up and spending the night at the airport. I’ve done it – it’s not fun.
  • Well, hello Hagan, the bush plane pilot! Hayley is smitten.
  • I wonder what the time difference is between the bush planes taking off is. 5 minutes? Or maybe even less as one team just over took another. It’s like a taxi or tuk tuk race in the sky. So cool!
  • That’s the coolest runway ever! It reminds me of an episode of MacGyver. The name of the episode escapes me but I believe it included a sea plane that was shot down or something like that. Any who. The scenery looks similar.
  • Oh, we’re at the Bushman village again. Looks very similar to previous seasons … haha blurred bottoms! See how they gave the girls little crop tops to wear to hide their non-existent boobies. That’s odd. I kind of wonder if this was the move of a stylist or something because usually girls let their girls go free!
  • Wow 24 hours of straight travel from Europe to Africa – that. would. suck.
  • Mmm salt lick nom nom.
  • Wow Aly is bitching a lot to Steve this episode. She’s become the “Hayley” of this episode … well maybe not as bad.
  • Oh Mike and Rochelle have car trouble!
  • Go girl power! Rochelle started the car!
  • Jenny’s a bit too glammed up for the desert, don’t you think?!
  • Oh no Laura and Tyler and Hayley and Blair forgot their salt lick! Back you go!
  • Smashing the egg to reveal the roadblock seems like the waste of a perfectly good egg if you ask me! Building a hut out of sticks and dry grass doesn’t seem fun, nor does it seem that easy to do. Go you resourceful bushmen!
  • Hayley sure is having a good time with those kids when Blair is slaving away at the roadblock. I hope they win the leg and their prize is a small African child.
  • I think it was Tyler who said “strong like you” to the Bushmen and grabbed at his none existent muscles. That was funny!
  • Aly is bleeding! Ouch! I think it more ways than one – if you catch my drift. She seems very emotional.
  • “Your butt looks great in those spandex, babe” – Ashley to Matt. Aww, that’s love.
  • Wow Laura and Tyler are out of the roadblock first – even after having to go back and pick up the salt lick. Boom. That’s how it’s done!
  • Although it seems like such a waste that all they have to do is deliver the salt lick to some random guy to pick up their next clue. What’s the point? Maybe to screw people up if they miss it, but still, I would have liked it to mean more than just to pick up a clue.
  • Detour: Track requires teams to find an elephant. Pack requires teams to feed African Dogs with wildebeest meat.
  • OMG the meat! Eww! Eww! Eww! I have to be honest, I turned away a LOT in this episode! So gross. I can’t even watch.
  • Laura doesn’t really eat meat so she’s grossed out by the whole cutting up the meat experience. You and I both, Laura. Eww! Jenny is loving it “meat smells like money”. And we learn a little bit of history about Ashley’s butcher grandfather and uncle.
  • Haha Aly and Steve bought the biggest salt lick with them. It’s HUGE!
  • Poor Aly and Steve and Hayley and Blair must do Track, as all Pack stations are currently being used.
  • Wow Track really would suck! But I want to see an elephant!
  • Eww Rochelle’s fingernails feel like they are going to fall off. Sounds painful!
  • Laura and Tyler think they may have found their new career – being butchers.
  • The pity dance of the Bushmen for Mike and Rochelle because they’re so far behind really was a sweet gesture. Rochelle thinks its cool to see that tribes like these still (like) exist.
  • Wow Aly, way to hit Steve with the antenna!
  • Stay safe guys. If you jump out of the car the African Dogs will “eat you up” Scary! But naww aren’t they cute? They look like real dogs – very colourful dogs that could kill you!
  • Ooh the pit stop Spitzkoppe looks pretty!
  • Jenny has blood on her fingers and she’s tempted to “smear it on my face right now, but I’m not gonna do that” Eww. That’s nasty!
  • Rochelle, being a vegetarian, and not liking to touch even cooked meat finds Pack vile. So why not have done Track then? Although, it does seem like Pack is proving to be a lot faster to complete.
  • Hayley’s bitching again … although, to be fair, Blair should be letting her help out.
  • Haha the clue flying out of Steve’s hand! “Can we stop please, sir” to the driver of the car. Funny!
  • Matt’s reversing through the desert due to second guessing directions. Funny.
  • Oh no! Aly and Steve have a flat! I predict this’ll be a non elimination leg. I don’t know why but I just have a feeling.
  • Directions can kill you in this game! You go the wrong way and that can lose the race for you.
  • Aly says that Steve made her Build A Hut so now Steve has to change their flat tyre. Seems fair.
  • Laura feels like she’s “in the Lion King” – does that make Tyler Simba?
  • Laura and Tyler are just beaten by Matt and Ashley to hit the mat. Tyler explains that Laura was “looking for the stairs” Funny!
  • Wow Hayley and Blair made up some time! Hayley gushes about her “Dreamboat” bush pilot. Blair is just happy to have the focus taken off him.
  • Jenny and Jelani – that was the most awkward hug ever!
  • Why does Mike look so short on the rock?
  • Poor Aly and Steve. They started the leg first and finished the leg last. But non elimination. Called it!
  • I’m just bummed that Hayley didn’t snag an child. Boo 😦

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