Recap of Survivor: Worlds Apart S30E13

Recap of Survivor: Worlds Apart S30E13


  • Most notes I’ve ever written during an episode goes to this one. Also – sorry for the delay!
  • So in the recap: It’s everyone vs Mike!
  • Recap: it seems like it’s all about Dan’s advantage
  • Recap: Rodney self destructs because everyone is a “bunch of scumbags who neglected [him] on [his] birthday”
  • What’s up with Mike’s voice during the night interview? It sounds so not like him. “Finally got to break up the 6” so his only options are “have to find another idol or win immunity.” I don’t think there is another idol on the island. I don’t see that happening somehow.
  • I secretly hope Dan’s eyebrows get burnt off in the fire …
  • “Everybody wants Mike gone because Mike has already proven that he’s selfish and self centered” – Dan, the pot calling the kettle black. “You know something, to his credit, he dropped an atomic bomb and whipped out the idol”. Yeah, he did. Go Mike!
  • But Dan also states once again that he has “zero interest in working with Mike” because “the fact that he’s so arrogant and so condescending. To hell with Mike! To hell with his Idol.” Once again, pot, kettle, black.
  • “At the end of the day, I’m in a position of power cause I have an advantage in this game” This is true Dan, but it doesn’t guarantee you anything. If anything it puts a target on your back more than it helps you. The only way the advantage will work in your favour is if the numbers are against you and you use the vote to save yourself – and if you’re in your core group of five then you won’t need to use it for any strategic moves, hence it’s a void vote. It could, in theory, be used to make a big move if he did flip and side with Mike to take out someone like Rodney, for example, but Dan’s mind doesn’t work like that and he won’t make a move. If he makes it to the end, it will be because he was complacent and stuck with his alliance until the very end.
  • Because Dan, at the end of the day, “hopes the five of us can get Mike out”
  • “Ha! I win!” Dan on starting the fire. I don’t think Mike saw it as a competition but anywho. “
  • Carolyn – “I don’t trust Dan because Dan is the biggest threat in this game other than Mike because Dan’s advantage is a huge threat in his game.” I don’t see him as a huge threat – but maybe that’s just me.
  • Carolyn is smart at working both sides. She’s in the middle. She’s in a good place. It is hard to do anything if she works with Mike with the numbers down but she does have an Idol which could shake up the game.
  • “If Mike doesn’t win immunity, he gotta go” – Carolyn. No one wants to take Mike to the end – even the one who could potentially aline with him.
  • “Next vote is pivotal,” Carolyn to Mike. It is. Please get Rodney out!
  • Mike doesn’t seem to understand what having an extra vote means.
  • Mike – “my new little angel, Carolyn.”
  • Oh god. We have to listen to Rodney bitch again. “Been on the same beach for 33 days” “Maybe someone will feel for me” Boohoo. How about winning a challenge yourself and not trying to guilt everybody into giving up their win?!
  • Jeff thinks Rodney feels like he’s entitled to the reward, but makes a good point about a reward, by definition, is something that you earn. “If you win, you go on it guaranteed” – Mike. Yes. Go Mike! Voice of reason. Stick it to him!
  • It’s Rodney, Sierra and Dan vs Carolyn, Mike and Will during the reward challenge.
  • I hate Mike’s “feet” shoes. They always freak me out! Why have I not seen him wearing them before? Have I just not noticed or what?
  • Rodney, what an idiot trying to go ahead and not pick up the letters. Pft.
  • “I wash?” – Mike, trying to sort out the puzzle. Funny!
  • Hiding the letters is a very smart idea …
  • Sierra had it with “Fixin” and was shut down by Dan “No. Not enough [letters]”
  • Jeff gives clues “graded for your grammar” yet the word puzzle takes over an hour making it the “longest word puzzle in history” Wow.
  • Haha to Jeff’s comments about saying the same 200 words over and over again so much so that it’s put him in therapy”
  • “It’s a W” – Sierra to Dan, go much sass. She’s had enough.
  • And because of Carolyn; she, Mike and Dan win reward.
  • Carolyn don’t feel guilty about having to give up the win. You won it. You should go on the reward. Don’t let Rodney guilt you. It’s not your fault that he’s a complete loser and can’t win a challenge. Jeff makes a good point though. If it comes down the end and Rodney is on the jury, giving up the reward may mean he may give her his vote at the end. At the same time, if he goes on the reward, it fills up his belly that may help him go the end and vote her out. What to do … what to do.
  • Carolyn goes on the reward and “hope [Rodney] doesn’t take it personally. Which, of course, he does and sentences her to death, okay, no that’s a lie, but he threatens that she will be out next after Mike.
  • Ooh a helicopter! Mike says, “it was epic.” Will calls it, “breathtaking!”
  • Carolyn is glad she went to go on the reward because “the helicopter die is the greatest reward ever” and then she toasts to “best. reward. ever.”
  • Mike asks, while eating, if everyone can “feel your mind getting sharper?” Will’s response is that his “whole body just woke up.”
  • To which Mike entertains the notion of the three of them going to the final three together – a blue, a white and a red. Carolyn says it’s a “strong final 3”. But Will cannot see himself going to the end with Mike as he is “public enemy number one” because he has won so many immunities, but he has entertained the notion of going to the end with Carolyn.
  • Mike just, “do not let Rodney bet me at this game” to which Will replies that even Rodney is starting to get on his nerves now. Trouble in paradise, it seems.
  • Mike on Rodney – “only survivor I remember who has ever tried to guilt everyone to give up their reward.” But Carolyn can see that Rodney was just “trying to make me feel bad.”
  • Mike hopes that Carolyn is with him to the end. She’s not though. She doesn’t want Mike at the end. No one does. More on this at the end of the post.
  • Rodney is “just so mad” at not going on the reward. And describes getting Carolyn out as “revenge is gonna be sweet.” He definitely is taking it personally!
  • Dan, please put a shirt on. Your giggling man boobs are distracting!
  • Dan finds watermelon, well actually; “I found fruit. I don’t know if it’s any good.” It’s the “whole enchilada” for Rodney!
  • Rodney states that, “food brings people closer together” which should have actually made him feel a little paranoid because if that is true, with Will, Mike and Carolyn eating together – isn’t that cause for concern that they may be getting closer together during the reward and could flip on him? Just a thought, Rodney.
  • Everyone is on the same page that they’re voting for Mike than Carolyn, as asked by Sierra. Rodney just wants to “get this redneck out of here” meaning Mike. I could easily say so many mean words in regards to this. I’m going to hold back because I think my feelings have been pretty obvious as is. But hmm …
  • Ooh tree mail. We haven’t seen that in a while!
  • “If Mike wins immunity, the five have to turn on each other again” Dan stating the obvious.
  • Ooh was that an aardvark? I’ve never seen one before – only pictures.
  • Mike pleads to Sierra that the boys aren’t taking her nor taking Carolyn to the end. If “the boys”make it t the end than “how will we ever vote?” Sierra asks. Then. Make. A. Move. Already.
  • Sierra “you never know what Dan’s going to do” but if she goes with Mike to the end she is “shooting [her]self in the foot.” Basically, damned if you do, damned if you don’t. I feel like Sierra’s whole game has been about wanting to make moves but she hasn’t been in the position to – or has been to afraid to – make any big moves.
  • And onto immunity.
  • Oh Rodney! So funny! Way to throw the hook into the sand!
  • Those final moments were intense! Sierra did a good job catching up to Mike so fast! But “thank you, Jesus!” Mike wins his third individual immunity challenge. Mike describes it like “the 4th of July in the middle of Texas” with fireworks and loud music playing! At least we don’t see the reappearance of the happy dance!
  • Dan – “good lord! This guy is unbeatable!” and he turns his sights on Carolyn as she has kicked arse in challenges. With all on board, except Sierra adds that they’re saying it’s Dan just in case they get wind of their plans.
  • Carolyn sees Dan as the biggest threat right now. But she believes that the four are going to vote for Dan and not her.
  • Mike wants to shake up the game and try to vote someone instead of Dan out of the game. But he doesn’t have the numbers?
  • Mike goes to Dan and tells him that, “I can through my vote away and you’re still going home.” Dan bitches something about “I can save you” and “how can I believe you?” pass his lips. “Maybe I’ll go home with an advantage in my pocket and an awesome souvenir” but otherwise Dan “was not shaken at all” by Mike’s accusations.
  • Mike goes to Sierra and Carolyn and points out Rodney and Dan “look who’s in the shelter sleeping. That right there is the Survivor code for ‘I ain’t going nowhere'”
  • Carolyn says to Sierra that she believes that they’re voting for Dan and that Mike is “psycho” and “paranoid.” But it does plant doubt in Carolyn as to if they are going to vote for her or for Dan.
  • Shirin looks lovely at tribal.
  • Mike points out that it’s easy to bond when you have a common enemy aka himself.
  • Rodney is “out of [his] mind” and can’t form a sentence because he’s just depleted. Should have eaten more of the watermelon-enchilada there Rodney!
  • “I can’t even be around my mother 24/7 without wanting to ring her neck and I love her to death” – Rodney, on trust. I have no comment.
  • Carolyn is never because he name has come up. Dan says that she has “proven herself again and again” but he mentions that his name has also been bought up.
  • Did anyone else think that when Dan was talking about “political waffling” that it reminded up of Christoff from Frozen when he is talking as Sven?
  • “Mike continuing to win, digging into our numbers” – Will
  • Dan is a metronome, doesn’t know what to do and he keeps going back and forth.
  • The best thing that can happen here is that everyone votes for Carolyn except Mike and Carolyn who vote for Dan. Dan uses his advantage and votes for Carolyn. Then Carolyn pulls his Idol and Dan goes home. That would be so good because then not only does he use his advantage for no reason and then goes home.
  • And the only reason to use the advantage this episode would be if he’s paranoid that his alliance are turning on him because if Mike and Carolyn vote for Dan than the numbers are still in his favour. So this way, if he uses it, it shows that he doesn’t 100% think that they are voting with him tonight. If that makes sense. If he was smart he would keep it until next week and use it when it’s needed. But still, if Mike doesn’t win immunity next week, he wouldn’t need to play it anyway. Basically he doesn’t need the extra vote either way in my opinion – but I did say that earlier.
  • Oh! Dan’s using his advantage!
  • Carolyn, use your Idol. Carolyn, use your Idol. Carolyn, use your Idol. Carolyn, use your Idol. Carolyn, use your Idol. Carolyn, use your Idol. Carolyn, use your Idol. Carolyn, use your Idol. Carolyn, use your Idol. Carolyn, use your Idol. Carolyn, use your Idol. Carolyn, use your Idol. Carolyn, use your Idol. Carolyn, use your Idol. Carolyn, use your Idol.
  • YES! “I’m not taking any chances. I’m not going home tonight” She’s using her Idol! Best play this season!
  • Dan wanted to be memorable. And he will be, for all the wrong reasons!
  • “It is anybody’s game to win” – Jeff, saying that all three original tribes are represented in play right now.

Finale next week! I have some thoughts …

  • Let’s look at who could be possible finalists.
  • If Mike makes it to the end he has won. He has dominated at challenges, had an Idol and managed to somehow get to the end when the odds were against his favour. I don’t think anyone could bet him if he makes it to the end.
  • I think Carolyn’s play tonight will win her some respect which could lead to some votes. I also think she has a good case in terms of that she is a White Collar and managed to get to the end, she was good in challenges as well and was generally, I think, liked. I guess the “Mama C” nickname kind of says it all.
  • I think 100% Sierra is going to the finale. I feel like Will and Rodney will take her, and I think that Mike and Carolyn would take her. But I don’t think she will win any votes. The only way I think that she will win votes will be if people don’t want to vote for the two that she’s sitting next to at the finale. But saying this, the jury is made up of fans of the game and usually fans of the game give the win to the one who deserves it the most instead of out of spite. From an outside point of view, it looks like Sierra has been coasting and that won’t win her votes.
  • I hope Rodney doesn’t make it to the end because as I see it, I could see him winning and it pains me to say this because I honestly cannot stand him. He could argue that he was the leader of an alliance but I don’t even know if this is really true. I just don’t want him at the end.
  • Will, I think, has a good case in that he is a Red Collar and made it to the end. Although, if he wouldn’t have flipped and stuck with his Red tribe, one could argue that he may have made it to the end anyway. I don’t think Will can win against Rodney, Mike or Carolyn and so I basically see him winning no votes at the end because of who he will be with.
  • If I were a betting woman, I’d say that the finale will be Rodney, Will and Sierra with Rodney taking the win.
  • I think next week if Sierra was smart she would aline with Carolyn and make it a two/two split if Mike goes home first. But I see Sierra sticking with Rodney and Will to the end to get Carolyn out. So that’s my thoughts. I just hope Rodney doesn’t win.
  • I would like to see Mike take the win because I feel like he’s the only one who really deserves it. Carolyn, would be my second choice to take the win. I’m not a huge fan of any of them (I’ve said before that I was going for Jenn and Joe from the start) but it’s should make for an interesting, although I think it’ll be a rather disappointing, finale.
  • Although I think that the finale does come down to the answering the questions too. If you’re a well spoken person you can sway a lot of votes. It’s like a job interview – you may not deserve to take the prize but if you can convince the jury, you can win the game. Which means that if Rodney did make it to the finale, he wouldn’t be as eloquently spoken as some others who may be able to talk to their way to the win.

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