Thoughts of Ghost – The Musical


When: February 17th, 2016
What: Ghost – The Musical
Where: Regent Theatre, Melbourne

I had a rare break in my schedule and decided to go see the matinee performance of Ghost – The Musical. I’ve never seen the movie so my knowledge of the story didn’t stretch further than the lead male being a ghost and making clay together – but I went along away and I was pleasantly surprised …

It’s always hard to take a non-musical movie and turn it into a musical. Some often work, while others are just disasters. I feel like Ghost lay somewhere in the middle. It reminded me a lot of Dirty Dancing in terms of its simple story, but also the fact that a lot was done using backing screens, as well as the use of a lot of dialogue (that far outweighed the singing).

In terms of a whole, I enjoyed the whole thing a lot. Yes, it is a little wordy but I imagine that to be true of the movie. I also feel like some of the song don’t suit the story, but that’s just a personal thought, because I liked all the numbers very much. But where Wicked has its Defying Gravity, Chess has its Anthem, Ghost fails to have that big number that will make you remember this musical for a long time afterwards.

I know, this is probably coming off as very negative but there is so much to love about this little musical! Firstly, the magic involved in this production is top class. I have no idea how the lead could walk through solid mass, or how they made things move as they did, or even – I don’t even want to spoil all the cool slight of hand tricks they do. Does anyone know how they manage to do the things they do? However, they do it. It’s brilliant! It’s also one of those things that is probably better seen than explained.

Rob Mills shines as the lead, Sam. I think Rob has definitely proved himself as a competent performer and male lead – and this is by far his best role so far. It’s often hard playing a vanilla role, but once Sam takes his steps into the afterlife, I thought it gave Rob some room to really showoff his acting and singing skills. He definitely does a really magnificent job, and I really hope that people try to see his interpretation of the character and compare him to Patrick Swayze, because its just not right.

Jemma Rix’s Molly is also the right amount of sweet, to Rob’s Sam. I’ve read other reviews which has questioned the chemistry between the leads. I personally could take it or leave it, and if I hadn’t have read that then I probably wouldn’t have even noticed either way.

My favourite, and I think also for most of the audience, was Wendy Mae Brown as Oda Mae Brown. What an absolute talent she is! She brings the right amount of colour and humour to what could otherwise be a really sad and depressing story. I cannot speak highly enough of her performance. It’s absolutely brilliant and I cannot wait to see more from her in the future. David Roberts as Carl, and the whole supporting cast are all very strong in their roles too.

All up, I thought that Ghost was such a sweet, little musical. It’s so simple, but what it lacks in a complicated story, it makes up for it with spectacular visuals and trickery. Once again, I can’t even put into words – you’ll just have to see it for yourself. But hurry, as it’s only here until March 12.

For tickets, please visit:

I will warn audiences that there is a bit of bad language, violence, adult themes and gun shots used during the show. This I was not aware of, but bare that in mind if you were considering taking your children.

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