Interviews with Hannah Fredericksen and Marina Prior from Dream Lover

Here is part one of the group interviews from the Dream Lover media call with leads Hannah Fredericksen and Marina Prior.

What: Dream Lover media call
Where: State Theatre, Arts Centre Melbourne
When: 28th December, 2017

For tickets and more information, please go to:
We will have part two with David Campbell tomorrow!

HANNAH Fredericksen Sandra Dee

Hannah on what audiences can expect from the show
“When they come to see Dream Lover, they should be expecting to hear a big story; Bobby Darin’s life is stranger than fiction. You get to hear a big 18-piece big band, swing music, incredible costumes, an amazing cast and of course, David Campbell at the helm leading us.”

Hannah on bringing the show to Melbourne from Sydney
“I hope the audiences in Melbourne embrace us in the same way Sydney did. We had our first two previews yesterday and had two standing ovations and full houses, so we’re off to a good start! We’ve got a few new cast members so there’s definitely some freshness to the show, but if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it (laughs).”

Hannah on what she knew of Bobby Darin’s life before doing the musical
“My parents played this around the house when I was growing up so I was familiar with his music, but I wasn’t familiar with his story. I had no idea and subsequently about Sandra Dee; I didn’t even know that they were married so this has been such an education for me.”

Hannah on Sandra Dee
“She had such a hard life. She’s a survivor, but she’s certainly a victim. She suffered sexual abuse, alcoholism; she had eating disorders. Bobby was very much her haven in this very tremulous upbringing and I think that’s what drew them to each other. They had an extremely passionate, tremulous relationship and we explore all of that through the show so we show it warts-and-all.”

Hannah on getting to work with Marina Prior
“It’s incredible! How lucky am I? She’s like a national treasure of Australia, so I feel really comfortable, in safe hands being on stage with both her and David [Campbell], and the audiences are so lucky to come and watch her perform in the show.”


MARINA Prior Polly/Mary Douvan

Marina on being part of the show
“It’s fantastic. It’s such a dynamic [and] energetic show. David Campbell is a force-of-nature in it; we’re all just swept along in his wake. In Melbourne, so far, in the previews, the audiences have been ecstatic; they’ve been jumped to their feet! You’ve have to be pretty miserable not to because there’s such a contagious energy about this show.”

Marina on playing two different characters
I’m enjoying it! I get to play an Italian mother from the Bronx called Polly, who is Bobby’s Mum/grandmother; and then I play Mary Douvan, who is Sandra Dee’s Mum. She’s a very brittle, glamorous, Californian stage mother – very, very different, so I love the challenge of playing such diverse characters.”

Marina on what she knew of Bobby Darin’s life before doing the musical
I didn’t know much about him at all. In fact, a lot of the songs that I’ve heard in the musical I’ve now realised that they’re actually Bobby Darin songs. I didn’t know that they were, so I’ve come in very fresh not knowing the story. It’s a compelling story; it’s great.”

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