An Interview with Green Day’s American Idiot co-executive producer Nicholas Skubij

Here is part one of the group interviews from the Green Day’s American Idiot media call with co-executive producer Nicholas Skubij.

What: Green Day’s American Idiot – the Musical
Where: Comedy Theatre, Melbourne

Performances run until 11 March, 2018
For more information, please visit

Nicholas on this dismissal of Linden Furnell for making a crude remark to a female cast member

“We’re so excited to be here in Melbourne. I wanted to further address the recent dismissal of cast member Linden Furnell from the company. The decision to dismiss Linden wasn’t taken lightly. It came from a direct breech of the companies zero tolerance to inappropriate behavior. The decision to dismiss Linden was the direct result of us keeping the safety and well being of all company members as our top priority.”

Nicholas on the Melbourne production of Green Day’s American Idiot

“Now, onto showcasing our show which 37 people have worked so hard on bringing to Melbourne. It has fifteen of the countries best rock-n-roll musical theatre performers and an on-stage band-of-five. We’re thrilled to also welcome back here as of tonight, Ben Bennett in the role of Johnny. Ben originated this role in Brisbane back in February last year. He’s just come back to this production hot off the back of Muriel’s Wedding. We’re thrilled to welcome Ben back into the role. Also on stage, you’ll see some of Australia’s most revered musicians. We’ve got Phil Jamieson from Grinspoon, Adalita from Magic Dirt and Sarah McLeod from The Superjesus all sharing the role of St Jimmy. This show is so gritty. It’s grungy. It’s rock-n-roll. It’s loud. It’s perfect for here. It’s a mixture of music theatre and rock n roll. It is raw and it’s ready to go.”

David on the story of Green Day’s American Idiot

“It’s the story of our lead guy Johnny and his disillusion with life. He leaves small town America for the city in hopes of finding something more exciting and something he can sink his teeth into. While there, he meets a character called St Jimmy. The role of St Jimmy has traditionally been played by a rock-n-roll personality. It’s been played in the past on Broadway by Billie Joe Armstrong himself, who, of course, wrote the music and the book to American Idiot. It’s been played by Melissa Etheridge, so it’s a role that crosses into different genders. There’s really no rules when it comes to this character. He represents the vice to Johnny’s attempt at good. Whether or not he exists or whether he’s a figment of Johnny’s imagination that Johnny conjures up is up there for debate.”

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