Thoughts on Irish Celtic – Spirit of Ireland

What: Irish Celtic – Spirit of Ireland
Where: The Palms, Crown Casino, Melbourne

Performances run until 5 August, 2018
For more information, please visit

It was a disappointing turn out for what is a quality show – filled with laughs, music and dance – at Irish Celtic – Spirit of Ireland‘s opening night at The Palms at Crown in Melbourne last night.

I can only guess this comes down to it being a Wednesday night, but the half-filled theatre made me sad for the performers who gave their all. However, an audience participation increase after interval provided an extra lift to the show, then ending on the high it clearly deserved.

Firstly, don’t mistake this show for just another concert-esque show. Irish Celtic does have a storyline. Centering on Paddy Flynn as he takes us on a journey of sight-and-sound through the history of Ireland, his intriguing family history, and of course, the establishment’s origins, before he hands the keys over to his shy bachelor son.

The performance has been slightly tweaked towards Australian audiences, this is evident in the hilarious jokes, told by our captivating host of the night. Beautiful harmonies and rhythmic tunes are provided by the five-piece on-stage band as twelve talented dancers provide spectacular choreography and tap dancing.

While some scenes tend to drag to feel a little repetitive, but with Irish dancing being about the fast-paced movements of their lower bodies, you’re missing half the performance if you don’t watch the dancers feet closely.

It’s also worth mentioning the differences between male and female movements, especially during the all-in epic dance routines. I personally enjoyed the dance as two males fought for the affections of a female dancer. It was beautiful and sensual and filled with love and passion.

Costumes also play a large part, especially during the ethereal dancers (where the females glide with steps ever-so gentle) and the strong male dancers (with fire and kilts). A vivid and interactive set brings the warmth and festivity you’d expect in a traditional pub in southern Ireland.

Hang back after the show for a special meet-and-greet with select dancers.

I enjoyed it and I’m sure you will too!

Performances run until 5 August, 2018
For more information, please visit

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