Exclusive Video Premiere: Everything by Hurricane Fall

If you’ve never heard of Hurricane Fall, let me introduce you. Comprised of Jesse Vee (singer/guitarist), Pepper Deroy (singer/bassist), Lachlan Coffey (drummer), Tim Hickey (keyboardist/guitarist) and Luke Wheeldon (guitarist/producer); they’re a five-piece, country band from Tamworth originally, who now reside in Newcastle, NSW.

After releasing a string of catchy singles from their previous EP, How We Get Down (which reached #4 on the iTunes Country Chart), they have earned themselves a loyal and ever-expanding fan-base. With a new album due for release later this year, it’s our absolute honour to today premiere their newest music video for their latest single, Everything.

We predicted big things when we interviewed the then four-piece back in March 2017, and, since then, the boys have performed on The Bachelorette, headlined the Top Paddock Music Festival in New Zealand, toured with Achy Breaky Heart‘s Billy Ray Cyrus, and recently played to enthusiastic and energetic fans at the Tamworth Country Music Festival, myself included – so I know firsthand how good they are.

Everything was written by Nashville’s Jaron Boyer, Preston Brust and Phil Barton, recorded with Michael Carpenter at Sydney’s Love Hz Studio and mixed by Brian Reeves (Elton John, Bonnie Tyler) in Los Angeles.

The fun, tongue and cheek video was shot by Joshua Holiday on the streets of Newcastle, as well as the Barn Café in Adamstown.

“We met with Josh with an idea and he bought it to life,” says the band. “It’s the story of boy meets girl, but it turns out we’re all chasing the same girl – the twist at the end is gold.”

For more on Hurricane Fall, please check out: www.hurricanefall.com
Or follow on social media at [Facebook][Twitter][Instagram]

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