Review: Adults Only Magic Show

As part of the 2021 Melbourne Magic Festival

Playing at the Houdini Theatre @ Arrow On Swanston, from July 6-10

The brainchild of a supremely talented Melbourne-based magic duo – Sam and Justin – Adults Only Magic Show is exactly what it says on the tin, but while it does get quite raunchy at times, it’s also unexpectedly sweet and a vigorously good natured show pulled off with aplomb by two master magicians. Even with an 18+ warning on the posters, it’s highly unlikely anyone would find anything to get upset about in this hilarious show.

Sam and Justin are veterans of the magic scene by now. Having met in 2012 when both were young up-and-comers, the years of working together is obvious from the outset as their chemistry and timing is pitch perfect.

The pair’s energy, good humour and enthusiasm throughout the show is really infectious, and the copious amounts of audience members volunteering to get up on stage and join in on the shenanigans is a testament to how quickly they win over an audience. It certainly helps that they duo offer a free drink to anyone who is brave enough to actually get up on stage with them.

The show’s pace is swift and the routines are skilfully accomplished as the pair rope in these helpers to assist them pulling off the various stunts and tricks they have in store for the crowd.

An early routine featuring a multiple amount of audience members and involving a disappearing and reappearing phone belonging to an audience member is an early highlight, as is a twist on the usual death-defying escape from ropes and straight jacket routine where the first to escape their bonds gets to unveil a rather revealing photo of their sidekick.

Another highlight is a series of quick change tricks in which the duo someone swap their clothes in the blink of an eye. I still can’t work out just how they pulled that one off.

It’s not quite as shocking or outrageous a show as some might expect, but that’s fine as Sam and Justin are so ingratiating and talented that they keep their audience transfixed no matter what they’re up to on stage. You can really tell throughout that the duo are respected of classic magicians of the past as they do they incorporate traditional routines such as sleight of hand tricks involving coins and the aforementioned escape segment. But they certainly put their own unique twist on things throughout.

The show-stopping finale involving a colouring-in assignment of a celebrity drawing is a truly great note to end the show on, and the audience I saw this with were left wowed by this final act. I still have no idea how they pulled off everything I saw on stage, and as is the case with all magic shows, part of the fun is discussing and pondering just how they did it all.

But all that matters in the end is if the show was entertaining and the case here is a resounding yes. The wonderful Sam and Justin are true talents and their Adults Only Magic Show is a must for anyone (over the age of 18 of course) that enjoys a good laugh while being wowed by the art of magic.

Adults Only Magic Show

Venue: The Houdini Theatre, Arrow on Swanston
488 Swanston St, Carlton VIC 3053

Dates: 6 – 10 July 2021 at 2100
Prices: Adults $33; Concession $27 ; Group 10+ $25;


Social Media: Facebook: /AdultsOnlyMagicShow
Instagram: @AdultsOnlyMagicShow, #adultsonlymagicshow

Images: Supplied

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