An Interview with Amber Lawrence

It’s been a busy year for country music singer and songwriter, Amber Lawrence. Not only has she just been nominated for a further six Golden Guitars for her collaboration Our Backyard with Travis Collins, she also managed to find time to release an 11-track original album titled Aussie Aussie Christmas.

Last month you released a new album called Aussie Aussie Christmas, a collection of new Christmas songs written for an Australian audience. Why create a Australian Christmas album instead of sticking with a more traditional Christmas album?

All the way, my career has been putting my personality into everything I do and I wouldn’t be able to do that by singing carols someone else has written. I wanted to share what I see as Christmas.

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An Interview with Travis Collins and Amber Lawrence

For the first time, country music singer/songwriters Travis Collins and Amber Lawrence have collaborated on their debut seven-track EP, Our Backyard. Friends since 2004, when they met at the College of Country Music (now Academy of Country Music), it’s been eight years since the duo hit the road together. With cemented solo careers and album releases, Amber and Travis agree that now was the best time to combine their talents.

Your collaborative seven-track EP, Our Backyard is out this week. How did the idea for the EP and the tour of the same name come about?

Amber: We’re touring together for the second half of this year [so] it was our manager who said, “Why don’t you guys do an album together to support the tour?”

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An Interview with musician Amber Lawrence

Amber-LawrenceFirstly, congratulations on your Female Artist of the Year win at the Golden Guitars. Is it true what they say that it’s an honour just to be nominated or are winners truly grinners?

It’s both actually. It’s really an honour to be nominated but winning is pretty cool as well.

Also, congrats for your CMC Female Oz Artist of The Year win the other day!

Thank you very much! That was amazing!

Is winning a fan-voted award are better than winning industry award?

To be honest, I wouldn’t want to hand back either. The Golden Guitars has a lot of prestige and history associated with it [so] it’s an honour to be part of history. And then, of course, fan-voted is crazy-exciting because what the fans say, that’s what matters – that’s what keeps our career going. I am extremely excited that enough fans wanted me to win that award.

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