An Interview with Catherine Britt

Since her last release Boneshaker in 2015, Catherine Britt has gotten married, given birth to her first child, won a battle with breast cancer and released her seventh studio album, Catherine Britt and the Cold Cold Hearts, alongside Michael Muchow and Andy Toombs. Recorded in her own backyard studio with engineer Jeff McCormack, this release, she says, makes a new chapter and return to her organic, country roots.

What is the concept behind the collaboration between you, Michael Muchow and Andy Toombs on the album Catherine Britt and the Cold Cold Hearts?

The concept behind the band is basically like Ryan Adams and the Cardinals or Bob Dylan and the band; not a side project but like an extension of themselves. They’re doing their songs with a specific band that they record with and then tour with. We’ve already started the tour and the boys will be with me the whole way through. We did the record together, we produced it together, we worked out all the parts, harmonies and instrumentation as a team, like a real band, and now we get to tour it as well.

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