Review: Drummer Queens

While the clever pun of this show’s title went right over my head until I said it out loud, there’s certainly nothing subtle about the show itself, a rollicking, floor-rumbling 90-minute all-female drumming extravaganza that constantly finds ways to reinvent itself and keep the performance fresh and innovative.

As the name implies, a team of eight female drummers (known as Bey-B, Freedom, Rebel, Switch, Zen, Sass, Luna and Cap) serve up a dynamic show full of rhythmic routines and drumming excellence, with their talent and on-stage chemistry truly bringing the house down on multiple occasions.

There’s barely a word of dialogue spoken in the show, with the performers miming everything instead. It matters little as this is a show that relies purely on its music and visuals, with some incredible lighting effects deftly adding to the spectacle as the gang bangs out some thumping tunes on stage.

Apart from the use of a large xylophone and the occasional guitar, most of the drumming is done without any other musical accompaniment, and it all works incredibly well. And while there is plenty of traditional drumming equipment littered all over the stage, anything and everything on stage is used as a drumming instrument, including the performers themselves.

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